Princeton String Academy’s 2017 holiday concert at Quaker Bridge Mall.

Autumn signals the return to school and for many children this will be the year they begin to explore the wonderful world of music. Third and fourth grades are typically the time when school programs begin but why wait to capture your child’s imagination?

Princeton String Academy, conveniently located at 2 Colonial Avenue, Princeton Junction, offers premier training in string instruments. Founder Paul Manulik encourages parents to introduce their children early.

“Because we use the Suzuki method of music education,” says Manulik, “we can start children on violin, viola, or cello at a very young age; sometimes as young as three or four. The Suzuki teaching method offers a natural learning environment premised on how children first learn to speak a language.”

“Even though this area has wonderful orchestras in the public schools, why wait until the student is half grown to start a string instrument? Our faculty members are especially trained to teach the Suzuki method to young students and those who start early often are the ones who win the contests and competitions.”

Princeton String Academy was founded in 2005 by Manulik, violist and violinist. Holding a Master’s Degree in Viola Performance, he served two long-term positions with the Cedar Rapids Symphony as Director of the School of Music and as Assistant Principal Violist. This dual career path gave him the invaluable benefits of knowing both the educational and performing aspects of the business.

“I founded Princeton String Academy to offer the community a unique learning environment, one that focuses on string performance and yet offers the services and programs of a larger music school,” says Manulik.

“Our multi-faceted learning environment enables our students to achieve top performance levels,” explains Manulik. “Students play in recitals at Carnegie Hall and in master classes with concert violinists and violists. Our students take top prizes in local and state competitions and are regularly selected for state and national youth orchestras. At Princeton String Academy, we strongly believe in the ability of all students and work individually with each student to achieve his or her greatest potential. Our faculty and staff reflect our high standards of professionalism and musicianship.”

Princeton String Academy offers private lessons which vary in length depending on the age, attention span, and playing ability of the student. Students advance at their own pace. With very young students, music theory and note reading is delayed until the student is ready.

Group lessons offer students the opportunity to develop their ensemble skills in a non-competitive environment. Students are grouped by skill and book level.

In the Chamber Music Program, students have mastered note reading. Generally organized into trios or quartets, musicians here explore the vast repertoire of ensemble playing. Group lessons provide the opportunity for students to perform on a regular basis. “We also encourage our students to participate in state competitions, and we help prepare them for their performance,” says Manulik.

Clearly it’s never too early to launch your child into a world of wonder and music.

Princeton String Academy. 609-751-7664

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