With 275 businesspeople — and cocktails – in one room, one can only imagine that the chatter that filled the decked-for-the-holidays foyer of Jasna Polana on November 30 included business talk. But I didn’t hear much of it. Put poinsettias and Christmas lights in a room and suddenly people just want to get festive.

Anyone talking to Sarah Cammerzell, manager of personal insurance at Borden Perlman in Lawrenceville, just wanted to know where her two very cool chunky bracelets were from (see photo below, far right). Each bracelet, one white with black script lettering, and one black with white lettering, designed by Jessica Kagan Cushman, has a saying on it. One said, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” and the other said in French, “Que serait le monde sans les filles?” or “What would the world be without girls?”

Jodi Stasse, president of Stasse & Company in Pennington, which markets luxury residences, was happy to talk about how the Residences at Palmer Square are selling — two of the five townhomes have sold for over $1.8 million each — but everyone just wanted to know where her gorgeous, impossibly high-heeled black suede Miu Miu shoes came from (Zoe in Palmer Square, which Stasse says is her

favorite place to shop locally).

But bracelets and shoes aside, the evening’s real stars were the honorees: Thomas McCool, president & CEO, Eden Autism Servies, Innovator of the Year; Christine Lokhammer, senior VP, PNC Wealth Management, Business Leader of the Year; Rick Weiss, president & founder, Viocare, Entrepreneur of the Year; and Leslie Burger, director, Princeton Public Library, Community Leader of the Year.

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