Looking for advice on mental health and well-being? Princeton Medical Institute offers FREE consultations for memory loss, flu, depression and chronic back pain — including PET scans and CAT scans — to any interested community members, with or without insurance.

Princeton Medical Institute is an investigative research organization that has been conducting clinical trials in the areas of psychiatry, neurology, and general medicine since 1989. As a research site affiliated with a private practice within Princeton Township, we are experts at integrating clinical trials within facilities that simultaneously provide routine medical care.

If you believe you could benefit from a free evaluation, please contact us to see if you qualify at 609-921-6050. Early detection, diagnosis, and intervention are vital because they provide the best opportunities for treatment, support, and planning for the future.

At Princeton Medical Institute, we believe in bringing cutting edge research out of the university and into the community. To learn more about our various clinical research studies, or see if one of our trials is the right fit for you, please visit www.PrincetonMedicalInstitute.com or attend one of our upcoming events, always free and open to the general public. Check the “events and announcements” page online for more information about upcoming events.

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