So much about medicine is collaborative. There’s simply too much for any one person to know across all the specialties.

This is what drew Dr. Chad Stockham, a primary care and internal medicine provider, to the Princeton Medical Group ‒‒ the collection of the Princeton region’s top medical talent encompassing 10 specialties that allows the entire medical team to collaborate and assist in the care of patients under one cutting-edge umbrella.

“You need a strong team,” says Dr. Stockham, who joined Princeton Medical Group in March. “There’s too much medicine to know all the answers yourself.”

Dr. Christina Di Venti, an obstetrician and gynecologist who has been on the staff at Princeton Medical Group for nine years, was drawn for the same reason. The presence of so many world class physicians, she says, allows her and her fellow doctors to discuss ideas, develop multi-pronged treatment plans, and ensure patients’ safety by being able to immediately see what other care someone might be receiving.

“Good medicine is all about knowing the history of a patient,” Dr. Di Venti says. When someone goes from private practitioner to private practitioner, it’s hard for doctors to really get to know the patient fully. At Princeton Medical Group, she says, “We have all their history right here. There’s a lot of cross-referencing.” This, she says, is important to overall wellness and a vital safeguard against prescribing medicines that should not go together.

One of the most important things practitioners at Princeton Medical Group stress is nutrition and activity all around. Just don’t confuse those terms with diet and exercise. “‘Diet’ just sounds so restrictive,” Dr. Di Venti says. “And ‘exercise’ sounds like a punishment. Nutrition is about eating well overall, and activity can be anything active that you enjoy.”

For Dr. Stockham, that activity is running. An occasional marathoner and avid runner, Dr. Stockham likes to find his patients’ individual motivations and help them build healthy lifestyles, whether they enjoy solitary pursuits like long runs or more group-oriented activities like a pickup basketball game. “The key is, it has to be something you enjoy,” he says.

While Dr. Stockham enjoys getting to know his patients as they make their life’s journey, Dr. Di Venti loves getting to know her patients as they bring new lives into the world. “It’s a privilege,” she says. “OB/GYNs see patients a lot more often than most doctors. We really get to know them.” Besides, she’s still awed by the miracle of pregnancy. “I think growing a baby is the coolest thing in life,” she says. “It’s awesome to see even the dads cry in the delivery room.”

Princeton Medical Group has 30 world-class physicians who practice a full range of integrated, high-quality medical services dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of the Princeton Community at three campuses, in Princeton, Plainsboro, and Monroe.

Its comprehensive services include cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, OB/GYN, oncology, hematology, primary care, internal medicine, pulmonology, and rheumatology. Call 609-924-9300 to schedule an appointment, or visit www.

Princeton Medical Group PA, 419 North Harrison Street, Suites 101, 202, 203, 204, Princeton. 1600 Perrineville Road, Monroe 08831. 3 Liberty Street, Plainsboro 08536. 609-924-9300. See ad, page 15.

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