Princeton Medical Group warmly welcomes Dr. Tanner J. Tridico, MD to their staff. Dr. Tridico is a board certified doctor specializing in internal medicine. Prior to joining the team he was with Internal Medicine Associates of Lawrence for 11 years.

Dr. Tridico chose to become an internist because in this role “I am the front line of health care and medicine.” He strives to build a relationship with his patients, “it is easier to prevent diseases than it is to treat them. I like to keep people healthy. My philosophy on treating patients starts with communication. I want people to understand their medical conditions. I don’t tell people what they should do. Instead, I develop a plan with patients to be part of their health care, to be proactive with their health care, and to be up to date with their own health.”

The patient portal system of communication and electronic medical record are some of the reasons Dr. Tridico was attracted to the Princeton Medical Group. “We are a multi-specialty group. There is excellent communication between the different doctors. For example if you see a dermatologist in the practice, I can see the results of a biopsy and discuss it with the patient. I can see what the doctor wrote down in the file. It is important to have communication between doctors, which improves patient care.” The patient portal, a HIPAA compliant program, also allows patients to email him questions and concerns, and see their own test results.

Another benefit to working with the Princeton Medical Group is they “let me focus on what I want to do — see patients, hear patients, 99 percent of my day is patient care.” The billing and referral departments take care of the paperwork aspect of being a doctor, freeing him up to be patient centered.

Dr. Tridico splits his office hours between three locations: Monroe, Plainsboro, and Princeton. He is in the Monroe office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and in Plainsboro on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday evenings his hours are from 12:45 to 8 p.m. Once every five to six weeks he holds office hours in the Princeton location on Saturday mornings.

Dr. Tridico earned his BS from Loyola University, and his medical degree from Louisiana State University Health Service Center. While living in New Orleans, he met his wife, Paula Bloom, a New Jersey native. Though a southerner by birth, after living in Central Jersey for 11 years, Dr. Tridico considers himself a New Jerseyan and speaks with a Central Jersey accent. He and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors, especially in the Poconos. “We are very active.”

Call the office to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Tanner J. Tridico, Princeton Medical Group, 609-924-9300,

Monroe Office (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays): Applegarth Professional Center, 2 Research Way, Building 2, Suite 302, Monroe Township.

Plainsboro Office (Tuesdays and Thursdays): Plainsboro Village, 3 Liberty Street, Plainsboro.

Princeton Office (occasional Saturdays): Princeton Health Center, 419 North Harrison Street, Princeton.

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