A new concept in wellness for those people 50 and older was launched this week with the opening of Princeton LifeExtension Institute, according to Dr. Gonthar S. Rooda, director of the new facility at 759 State Road.

“We introduced a new and different approach to helping people live an active, healthy and longer life. We’ve followed an enriched environment model,” said Rooda.

“We have created an experience for people 50 and older that is unique, safe, and effective. And it’s in an exclusive, friendly, and comfortable environment,” said Rooda. “We give content to the elderly person’s wellness experience. This lets us help them keep a healthy mind in a healthy body living a healthy life.”

Using a 12-week module, the institute’s participants take advantage of a wellness program that combines exercise, nutrition, and mindset in one program. The enriched environment puts more content into the typical wellness experience, making this a unique approach to keep elderly people active and engaged in their own health and fitness.

“We focus on exercise to keep our body functional, nutrition to maintain our health and mindset to keep us facing the right direction. What makes the program unique is what I call the Rule of 3. Each of the 3 separate areas integrates together to make consistently greater changes in outcome,” said Rooda, who also owns Renaissance Health Center, a chiropractic clinical practice he started 25 years ago.

When someone signs up to participate, he or she first gets a complete detailed evaluation and provides a complete medical history, including a “release to exercise” from his or her physician. From there, experts at the institute custom design a program to support each person’s needs. All the work is done “on a one-on-one basis,” said Rooda, “because it’s the most effective and powerful way to make the most difference in the results people in their 50s, 60s or older are looking for,” he said.

While the program provides exercise for those cleared to do so, as well as other wellness programs, it is not a replacement for ongoing medical care. Rather, the institute offers a 12-week module that includes pre- and post assessments of the person’s wellness. “In the end, they can really see an improvement,” said Rooda.

The concept is the culmination of several years of work that began with the establishment of the Second Wind Foundation, an organization focused on helping people live active, healthy, and longer lives. For information about the Princeton LifeExtension Institute, call Rooda at 609-921-3004. The wellness center opened at 759 State Road in Princeton.

Princeton LifeExtension Institute. 759 State Road, Princeton. 609-921-3004.

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