By introducing children to fitness at an early age, you help assure a lifelong pursuit of healthy living.

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center at Plainsboro wants to be that introduction for our community’s youth. This spring, they are introducing their successful FitKids program to their Plainsboro location. This provides a sampling of different exercises, sports, and activities to meet each unique child’s preference.

FitKids is a stress-free way to experience different fitness methods without the pressure of competition. Rather than competing, as done in sports or even gym class, fitness is approached as a healthy outlet. Friendships are developed and teamwork is emphasized. The casual, accepting atmosphere allows kids of all skill levels to determine their strengths and develop interests.

Best yet, participants can proudly mimic the exemplary healthy behavior set by their parents who are free to pursue their own workouts during FitKids classes. Not up for a workout? Parents can relax in the spa pool or steam room, meet with a personal trainer, or observe Group Fitness classes to discover new interests.

FitKids spring classes are held after school in late afternoon, with the hopes of expanding into the weekends. Children are divided into two groups by age: 4- to 8-year-olds and 9- to 14-year-olds. Classes are instructed by certified personal trainers, many of whom are experienced in youth fitness and athletics.

Some of the classes offered in the sessions may include boot camps, obstacle courses, game play, and fitness skills, along with specific disciplines like yoga and Pilates. Each will provide opportunities for creative thinking, teamwork, athleticism, sports concepts, and fitness building blocks.

Children will be encouraged to develop a mindful approach to movement to strengthen focus and confidence. These are much-needed skills and characteristics in today’s world where stress affects all ages. FitKids participants can decide which classes to take, or enjoy all of them, for one flat fee per session.

Van Damien, general manager at Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center at Plainsboro, is excited to launch this offering. Its creation is in direct response to the community’s request for additional family-friendly fitness opportunities. Today’s parents are focused on cultivating a healthy family lifestyle. FitKids, with its flexibility and welcoming approach, is a thriving solution.

The spring FitKids session runs from March 5 to April 9. This is the perfect segue to the Center’s summer session, which runs from June 25 to August 18. Knowing the fun involved, kids easily will abandon their screens on a hot day confined indoors for their fitness fun at the Center.

Visit the Center to register for the Fit Kids spring session. Check back often for updates on the fun being planned for Fit Kids summer!

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center at Plainsboro, 7 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro. Located on the hospital campus. 609-799-7777.

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