It’s here! A New Year, full of opportunities and wonder. Make the most of it with your healthiest mind and body.

Goal Setting. Be specific with what you hope to accomplish this year. Instead of resolving to lose 30 pounds, commit to the steps necessary to achieve that loss. Keep those steps small and achievable. For example, skip late-night snacking or add a 20-minute workout to your regular routine every other day.

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center has a large variety of equipment and classes to evolve with you. For someone unaccustomed to exercise, 10 minutes on the treadmill may be a good start. Spend the rest of your visit becoming familiar with the Center’s surroundings. And, of course, a soak in the Center’s spa pool is always a good idea. Now that’s an inspired healthy lifestyle!

Experiment to keep goals alive and exciting. If you resolve to increase physical activity this year, be limitless. Though you never snowshoed in the past, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t now. Rent snowshoes and give it a try. Discover you are a winter athlete! Enjoyment of a new group fitness class may lead to participation in other similar classes. You could become a group fitness guru.

As for weight-loss goals, redirect your focus. Aim to become healthier through increased physical activity and proper nutrition. You will start to feel better overall, with more energy and confidence. Weight loss will become a beneficial side-effect.

Eliminate Elimination. If your goal is to eat better, you don’t need to eliminate entire food groups. Variety excels at delivering the different nutrients needed for optimum health. Avoiding food groups — such as carbs, sugar, or dairy — can be an insurmountable goal.

Strict elimination diets are hard to follow short-term when trying to determine food intolerances. Following them to shed pounds is not even as motivating. As with all things in life: You always want what you cannot have. Therefore, have what you want, but choose to make your wants healthy. (Challenge yourself!)

Again, start with small steps in the right direction. For example, if trying to reduce your sugar intake cut back on your daily soda, flavored latte, or juice. Replace it with water and decaffeinated teas. After a few weeks consider skipping your mid-morning muffin or replace it with a healthier whole-grain version. Midyear will find you snacking on carrots, in awe over the progress you made.

Seek Support. Everyone needs support. Share your goals with others. We need all the cheering we can get as we travel through the new year’s challenges and conquer goals. Share your quest for wellness with a personal trainer who can help solidify your fitness goals and get results. The Center’s fitness professionals can be a motivational force with the expertise to back it up.

Inform those at home and the office of habits you are trying to break or start. They will help hold you accountable around a shared bagel platter or late-night fridge raid. Heck, ask the entire Facebook community to hold you accountable. Praise builds confidence and helps adherence to goals.

By sharing your resolutions, you may discover others who are working toward similar goals this year. Connect with these individuals, whether they are workout buddies at the Center or a colleague trying to commit to managing a daily lunch break.

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center has a program called Fit in 15 starting Sunday, January 18, to ensure you have the support and education you need to make fitness a habit.

For more ways to achieve a healthier new year, visit the Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and!

Two great locations:

Princeton Fitness & Wellness, 1225 State Road, Princeton. 609-683-7888.

Princeton Fitness & Wellness at Plainsboro, 7 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro. 609-799-7777.

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