At Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center individuals become a joined community of wellness, advancing the fitness levels of all backgrounds and health scenarios.

The center provides certified personal trainers, the latest group fitness classes, aquatics, Pilates, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Luxurious locker rooms and an on-site cafe beg you to take a little extra “me time.”

Members have the advantage of professional, customized workouts through a free personal training session and assessment every six weeks. Every 12 weeks members benefit from a free on-site nurse evaluation. Continuous monitoring provides valuable feedback and motivation. For those battling a chronic illness, rehabilitating from surgery, or managing other health issues, the center wellness programs offer guidance in a safe, medically supported environment.

In recognition of this special “Women in Business” issue, Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center shares inspiration from a few of their many female managers.

Sharon Casper, Fitness Manager. On the fitness floor, Sharon is an inspirational force. Her enthusiasm is magnetic, drawing members to tackle the equipment and weights, even when it becomes hard. She and her team help center members get results.

Sharon and Assistant Fitness Manger Helen Thomsen have successfully managed the Personal Training department for more than seven years. They support each other as well as the exercisers who visit daily.

“By reinforcing each individual’s value as unique and strong, we help them make health a priority,” shares Sharon. She encourages members to do what they can with the time they have, even if not a full workout.

Sharon’s exercise tips:

• Develop a strong core. It is the foundation for everything.

• Create a new realistic goal every year. Include the smaller goals needed to accomplish it.

Linda Fan, Group Fitness Manager. Linda believes opportunities for achievement are limitless as long as you set small goals. The group fitness department includes myriad classes to meet the skill levels and aspirations of the center’s diverse membership. Professional instructors modify workouts for each individual, whether athletic or emerging from a sedentary lifestyle. Everyone has a chance to soar in this fun, supportive environment.

Linda suggests experimenting with different classes to keep muscles and mind engaged. Don’t forget to take advantage of the center’s aquatics area for laps, group water workouts, or a post-exercise soak in the spa pool.

Linda’s exercise tips:

• Create a balanced fitness program. Include strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises. Try a class that alternates cardio bursts and strength training.

• Change things! You are never too old to learn something new.

Nellie Brook, Pilates Manager. Life’s demands and stresses are a negative force. Nellie is grateful to facilitate change for the better with her Pilates work.

“Pilates provides a mind/body workout. It advances fitness level while increasing awareness, control, and mental and physical balance,” she informs.

The center’s extensive Pilates studio helps members improve everything from their golf game to functional mobility. Many find relief from this holistic approach to fitness that strengthens the entire being.

Discover how Pilates enhances your workout and healthy lifestyle. Nellie and her team are continuously rewarded by helping improve lives, one mat or reformer workout at a time.

Nellie’s exercise tips:

• Initiate each exercise from the “power house,” Joseph Pilates’ term for the deep core muscles. This facilitates strong, efficient movement.

• Keep your spine flexible through mat exercises like the Cat and roll-up; rowing on the reformer; and rolling in and out on the trapeze.

Visit today — two convenient locations:

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center, 1225 State Road, Princeton. 609-683-7888.

7 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro (located on hospital campus). 609-799-7777.

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