With the weather as cold as it has been, it’s not surprising that most New Year’s resolutions have already been buried under a heavy wool blanket.

More than one third of those who make New Year’s resolutions are expected to break them by the end of January. We are here to help you succeed!

Go Easier. If you’re struggling to reach goals, it is likely you made them insurmountable. Be specific. Rather than aim to lose 30 pounds, aim to accomplish the steps needed to get there. And, make those steps small. Don’t attempt an overhaul of your life.

Rather than trying to work out five days a week, begin with one to two. Start with the smallest step and build upon it. Oversimplify.

Practice Patience. Until your baby step becomes a habit, avoid taking more. Make sure every step is attainable, and become charged by the small accomplishments. You are embarking on a lifelong improvement journey. Diet and exercise trends are often obstacles to creating a lifestyle. By definition, they are temporary (i.e., trends). Commit for life. It’s the only way to succeed.

Stay on Track. At the Center, members have the advantage of professional, customized workouts through a free personal training session every six weeks. Every twelve weeks, members benefit from a free nurse evaluation with an on-site Center nurse.

Continuous monitoring provides valuable feedback. As you progress, results (beyond changes in appearance) are reflected in these evaluations and act as helpful motivators throughout the process.

Enjoy Healthy Activities. Put a winter spin on summer favorites. Bring the picnic indoors in front of the fireplace, healthy of course. Take the family to Family Swim at the Center for off-season water activity. Dance in your living room or better yet try one of the Center’s many Group Fitness classes. Bootcamp, yoga, boxing, dance, aquatics, the variety is endless.

When you are able to enjoy healthy activities, you are more likely to make time and incorporate them into your daily life.

We want to make 2018 your happiest and healthiest New Year ever!

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