It’s here! A new year, full of opportunities and wonder. Make the most of it with your healthiest mind and body.

All You Need for Positive Change. To make the most of fitness efforts, keep your body guessing. The center offers more than 150 group fitness classes, an impressive fitness floor, and extensive aquatic offerings. Mind and muscles never grow bored. Routine fitness assessments by certified personal trainers also keep momentum going by monitoring progress and helping routines stay fresh.

Center staff take a personalized approach, from a warm welcome upon arrival to a customized workout to fit your changing needs. The center’s variety, including the latest classes, equipment, and fitness methods (Pilates CoreAlign, anyone?), help improve your performance — whether you’re on the playing court or rushing through the grocery store. Need an easy day? Try a gentle yoga class or soak in the center’s spa pool. Nourish your body with exactly what it needs on any given day. Free, quality childcare allows you a chance to prioritize your health.

Knowledge Is Power. Along with the center’s complimentary fitness evaluations, free nurse assessments are provided at regular intervals. These routine health assessments show progress and offer insight as you travel your fitness journey. Perhaps your blood pressure is worrisome or your body mass index needs work. Regular evaluations keep you in control of your health so preventative measures can be taken.

Some benefits cannot be seen on a bathroom scale. The center’s nurse assessment helps determine what needs work by examining the unseen — like heart rate, body mass index, and other factors. Seeing your numbers improve on paper (even before your skinny jeans may fit) is the ultimate motivation in your quest for better health.

Don’t Give It a Second Thought. Steps toward better health become habits when you proceed without inner debate. You won’t always be in the mood for broccoli, a sweat session, or even positive thinking. Follow through anyway. Something is better than nothing. During these times, you will feel even more satisfied than usual after accomplishments.

Live to Be Your Best. The center encourages a holistic approach to creating a healthier lifestyle, offering everything from certified fitness professionals, medical affiliation, and health-education programs. Members don’t simply work out. They enjoy a life-changing journey to becoming their best. We help you experience an inspiring, energizing workout at every visit, with the tools for better health in all aspects of your life.

The community at Princeton Fitness & Wellness is excited to help you experience the best shape of your life.

Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center, locations in Princeton and Plainsboro.

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