Mindfulness isn’t complex or difficult. It is simply being more aware of every day moments and movements. And that awareness helps us live more fully.

A fitness routine cultivated by mindfulness can improve results and help you stay committed. Before you tackle your workout, warm up your mind. Use your workout as an escape from the world, not yourself.

Improve Your Way of Being. Stephanie D’Angelo, yoga instructor and mindfulness workshop facilitator for Princeton Fitness & Wellness, provides an analogy: Working out without being present in the body and mind is like exercising on a treadmill without resistance. She explains, “To create improved health, including a better overall workout, bring awareness to your thoughts and your physical being. This awareness allows the mind to better focus on achieving results from your workout.”

Try This:

As you exercise, focus on exhausting your body in a positive way.

1. Concentrate on helping your body grow, heal, and strengthen. Ask a trainer or instructor to explain the specific mechanics of your routine. Understand which areas of the body you are working. Be aware of what you are accomplishing with each move.

2. Live each stretching, burning, and strengthening movement. In amazement, recognize all your body can perform.

3. Appreciate wherever you are at the moment, whether the Fitness Floor, pool, or studio.

4. Inhale and exhale in rhythm with your motions. A personal trainer or fitness instructor can advise on the best breathing method for performing reps and other exercises. A simple function like how you breathe makes a difference in your results.

5. Envision a lean, healthy, happy body with each breath.

Research has proven those who exercise mindfully are more satisfied with their workouts. In turn, they are more aware of the pleasure and benefits gained from exercise, which motivates them to remain committed to fitness.

Reflection. Stephanie shares, “By listening to your body and cultivating a sense of awareness, you can live in the present moment with the opportunity to experience less stress. You may learn more about the unconscious motives that drive you. This can provide your unique key to wellness.” She notes post-workout mindfulness meditation is an excellent time for this growth.

Feel Better. Be Better. Modern science has proven the benefits of mindful awareness long-known by ancient practitioners, can improve mental and physical health. Those with mindfulness tendencies are about 86 percent more likely to have good heart health, perhaps by its usefulness in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure, and other issues.

The Center provides the latest exercise equipment and amenities, the hottest fitness classes, and superior programs to improve your health and well-being. On a larger scale, the world is yours to own. To maximize all life has to offer, be ready to fully engage your body as well as your mind.

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