Princeton Eye Group is New Jersey’s premier eye care group, serving all of central New Jersey and the entire New York Metropolitan area. The group is comprised of nine partners, all top New Jersey eye doctors: Stephen Felton, MD, PhD, Michael Wong, MD, Richard Wong, MD, R. David Reynolds, MD, Anita Miedziak, MD, Samuel Liu, MD, PhD, John Epstein, MD, Suzanne, Jadico, MD, and Sarah Kuchar, MD. All are board-certified physicians and surgeons who have received their training at the nation’s top medical schools and facilities. The doctors of Princeton Eye Group are recognized as leaders in their field. They continue to pioneer new procedures and mentor other doctors through research and training.

Princeton Eye Group is known for their success with 100% Blade-Free LASIK, performed at their state-of-the-art facility Wills Laser Vision at Princeton. Their brand of LASIK is the safest, most reliable method of vision correction. Wills Laser Vision at Princeton is the only LASIK center in the area using the newest generation of precision, computer-aided laser equipment. The exceptional success of their LASIK technique has been verified time and again, and often results in vision better than 20/20. Princeton Eye Group is widely credited for having pioneered the latest innovations in LASIK and has been in the forefront of technology every step of the way. Complimentary consultations are offered for patients considering LASIK, to make sure they are candidates for the procedure.

For cataract patients, the ReSTOR intra-ocular lens, has become the preferred lens implant for correcting blurred vision caused by cataracts. Princeton Eye Group was significantly involved in the research that brought this lens to market, and are looked on as key opinion leaders in the industry regarding proper use of this technology. Unlike other implants, the ReSTOR multifocal lens restores a full range of vision without the need for glasses — even for reading.

With an emphasis on client convenience, Princeton Eye Group offers three fully staffed locations in Princeton, Monroe and Somerset, in addition to their LASIK center, Wills Laser Vision at Princeton.

Princeton Eye Group provides comprehensive care ranging from routine exams to sophisticated, state-of-the-art surgery and treatments. Appointments can be made at any of their three locations by calling the main number or by calling each office directly.

Princeton Eye Group, 419 North Harrison Street, Princeton. 609-921-9437 or

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