Established in 1965, Princeton Day School is located just two miles from the center of Princeton, and includes more than 106 acres of open meadows, streams, ponds and forests. The coeducational day school is divided into three divisions: Lower School (Pre-K-4); Middle School (grades 5-8); and Upper School (grades 9-12), and we enroll approximately 950 students.

In academics, athletics, the arts, and service, Princeton Day School celebrates the pursuit of individual excellence and the spirit of collaboration that binds us together as a community. Integrity, respect, and compassion are essential to the school’s mission. Our students leave Princeton Day School well equipped for college and beyond: prepared to act knowledgeably, to lead thoughtfully, to share generously, and to contribute meaningfully.

The school houses a new STEAM Center, an organic garden and outdoor garden classroom, a greenhouse, a planetarium, a 400-seat theater, an indoor and an outdoor amphitheater, nine laboratories, three libraries, three gymnasiums, a school store, four arts studios, a ceramics studio, an industrial arts shop, a photography laboratory, a media lab, rehearsal rooms for chorus and orchestra, an electronic music laboratory, and an art gallery. In addition to the school buildings, students make use of extensive athletic fields, including two turf fields, nine tennis courts, an ice skating rink, and the campus center.

New Programs This Year:

The STEAM Initiative: An ambitious new STEAM initiative at PDS includes a revitalized interdisciplinary curriculum with courses in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics as well as a new STEAM facility. All students will acquire a baseline of literacy in STEAM disciplines so they can be engaged, informed participants in a 21st century world increasingly defined by questions at the intersection of science, math, technology, and society.

The 9th Grade Core Curriculum: A common, foundational experience for all 9th graders, these core courses emphasize the enduring relevance of the liberal arts and traditional academic disciplines while also exploring connections through interdisciplinary studies. Including a 9th grade STEAMinar and a World History and World Religions course, these classes prepare students for an interconnected world and instill key academic skills and mindsets.

The DaVinci Program: A new and innovative program in the Middle School with courses on a wide range of subjects, including robotics, sustainability, coding, and service learning, that aims to engage students as the captains of their own learning. Each student will take courses that they choose in which they take risks, explore individual passions, develop new interests, and use multiple disciplines to solve problems and create original solutions.

4th Grade Leaders: Each year, our 4th grade students rotate through four leadership classes. Whether these students are leading an assembly, teaching our community how to recycle, or spearheading a service learning initiative, these classes help students become confident public speakers, as well as role models for the Lower School community.

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