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This article by Barbara Fox was prepared for the October 2, 2002 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Princeton Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce of the Princeton Area is changing

its name and its logo. "I felt the Princeton name was buried,"

explains Kristin Appleget, the chamber’s new president. "The name

had become an acronym."

The new name: Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. It brings the

town with the most recognized name in the region right to the forefront.

"Drive halfway to the beach, or to Newark," says Appleget,

"there’s Princeton in the names." Or go to Europe, she adds,

and chances are most people you meet will have heard of Princeton.

Princeton is also associated with education. "The new logo features

the Nassau Hall bell tower," she says. It is not a literal depiction,

but is rather meant to invoke any of the stone towers on campus. The

logo was designed by the Princeton Communications Group of 20 Nassau


Changing the chamber’s name was at the very top of Appleget’s to-do

list when she became its president this past summer. She pitched the

idea to the board and says the reaction was positive. While there

was some back and forth over details, everyone agreed that the old

name should go, and that highlighting "Princeton" was important.

Though Princeton is the linchpin of the area, Appleget stresses that

the chamber — new name and all — continues to serve all of

the towns in the area. The one thing all of those towns have in common,

she points out, is a connection with Princeton.

Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, 216 Rockingham

Row, Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Kristin Appelget,

president. 609-520-1776; fax, 609-520-9107. Home page:

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