Love handles? Pot belly? Rogue abdominal or bra fat? Those issues and a lot more melt away with Cool­Sculpting® by ZELTIQ™ available at the Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery.

This revolutionary technology freezes fat cells to take care of pesky problem areas that haven’t responded to diet or exercise. It is a truly non-invasive way to get rid of fat, with zero downtime.

“This procedure has been effectively used in Europe for some time, and we’re glad it now has FDA approval and that we can offer it to our patients,” said Thomas A. Leach, M.D., medical director of the Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery. “It’s a great option for patients with stubborn fat areas and those who are reluctant to have surgery.”

Dr. Leach can attest first-hand that the procedure works: he was the first CoolSculpting patient at the practice when he and his staff were trained. He had one side done first and it served as the model of success.

“I was thrilled to get rid of my love handles with CoolSculpting. It was very easy,” he added. “The difference between the two sides was striking. It is a simple procedure that yields great results.”

CoolSculpting involves using a suction device that pulls the skin away from the body. It’s held in the machine, and two plates gently freeze it. When that’s done, it’s massaged down so it flattens out. The whole procedure takes about an hour. Patients can head back to home or work immediately after the procedure is done. In Dr. Leach’s case, he went about the rest of his day seeing patients.

“You begin to see results in three to four weeks,” he explained. “It takes about three months total for the final results. In all, patients lose about 20 percent of the fat cells in a treated area. Those fat cells are broken down and disposed of the same way any cells are in the body.”

CoolSculpting is another tool the experts at the Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery use to help patients look and feel better. It’s great for those who are in reasonably good shape and are not far off their target weight. A bonus is it can be done a few times to the same area to achieve the desired goal.

“Everybody wants their body to look better, but we actually say no to many patients who come in for cosmetic surgery because it isn’t the right option for them,” Dr. Leach noted. “It’s important to go to see a doctor who can do everything, from non-invasive procedures to surgery. There are more options that way. Most importantly, make sure your doctor is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.”

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