New Clinical Trials For Liposome

Name Changes: Symbiance and J. Dana

Expansion: NOP Healthcare

New in Town: Pharmacia & Upjohn

Expansions: Drug Venture Capital

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Princeton Brand Econometrics

Barry L. Tannenholz and Kent Stephan have devised


and mathematical models for market research, especially for the


industry. The company they founded eight years ago recently switched

Carnegie Center spaces, moving into an office formerly occupied by

Technology New Jersey.

Primarily for the major pharmaceutical companies, they build models

for forecasting and planning in the areas of marketing and sales.

Acknowledging that it might sound pompous, Stephan declares that these

models demonstrate, for marketers, the equivalent of Isaac Newton’s

law of gravity — something that is inerrantly correct but that

was not intuitive: "We have discovered there are fundamental


relationships," he says, "but we can’t patent the stuff, and

that is one of our biggest problems."

Instead of selling the method, his consultants must apply the method

to particular problems, such as "How many samples should we hand

out for a certain rate of return on the last sample?" or "What

would happen at different levels of sales calls against doctors?"

Another problem might be "What would happen with a particular

direct-to-consumer ad — what would be the incremental business

for a certain amount spent?"

Tannenholz went to University of California at Berkeley and has


and doctoral degrees. He was a protege of the late David Ogilvy, who

worked in market research in Princeton but then founded his own firm,

Ogilvy & Mather, in New York. Stephan graduated from Penn State in

1971, has an MBA from the University of Chicago, and had been vice

president of sales and marketing for Schering Plough’s


business. In addition to the two-person Princeton office, there are

five employees in Manhattan’s Wall Street area. The firm recently

announced a joint venture with Interpublic, a New York-based holding

company for advertising and marketing companies, but Stephan and


retained a majority share.

The alternative for pharmaceutical companies not using his services?

"To look at situations they consider comparable to their own,"

says Stephan, "using lots of judgment and rules of thumb."

Such rules of thumb, he implies, are much less accurate. Declining

to price the models, Stephan will say only, "They make people

a lot of money."

Princeton Brand Econometrics LLC, 212 Carnegie

Center, Suite 110, Princeton 08540. Barry L. Tannenholz, chief


609-987-1111; fax, 609-987-0588.

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New Clinical Trials For Liposome

The Liposome Company Inc. (LIPO), 1 Research Way,

Princeton Forrestal Center, Princeton 08540-6619. Charles A. Baker,

chairman and CEO. 609-452-7060; fax, 609-452-1890. Home page:

On August 11 Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals and

the Liposome Company announced they will collaborate on clinical


to evaluate drugs they have under development for first-line treatment

of metastatic breast cancer.

"We are pleased that Rhone-Poulenc Rorer shares our interest in

the benefits that such combination efforts will bring to


says James A. Boyle, senior voice president of the Liposome Company.

Evacet is an anticancer drug, formulated by Liposome, that is a


of the drug doxorubicin, which has the ability to cause permanent

heart damage. When used in combination with cyclophosphamide (CPA),

Evacet has been shown to have anti-tumor activity that is "not

inferior" to a combination of doxorubicin and CPA but with less

likelihood of damage to the heart. Now the company will do a test

using Evacet with Taxotere (docetaxel), a drug developed by



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Name Changes: Symbiance and J. Dana

Symbiance, 12 Roszel Road, Suite B-200, Princeton

08540. Shawki Salem Ph.D, president. 609-243-9050; fax, 609-243-9007.

This 10-year-old company has changed its name twice

and is making a third change. First known as Princeton Biostatistics

Group it changed to Princeton Biosciences Group, then back to the

original. The new name — Symbiance — is meant to reflect the

company mission, that it will be a full-service development company,

not just a provider of biostatistics and data management support to

pharmaceutical firms. The name also implies that the 14-person firm’s

strengths are its relationships, says Jonathan J. Salem, operations

and development director. It does protocol design, processing, and

analysis of clinical data.

Clinical Trial Services, Drug Accountability and


Division, 11 Princess Road, Suite A and B, Lawrenceville


Jack Yarin, director. 609-844-1025; fax, 609-844-1024. Home page:

J. Dana Associates Inc. has merged with Clinical Trial Services in

Audubon, Pennsylvania, and has changed its name. It does packaging,

distribution, accountability, and disposal of new and experimental

drugs used in clinical research trials. (U.S. 1, November 1, 1992).

Yarin went to Columbia University College of Pharmacy and has 30 years

experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including research planning

jobs for Warner Lambert’s and Schering Plough’s domestic and



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Expansion: NOP Healthcare

United Information Healthcare Group, 1 Palmer


Suite 441, Princeton 08542. 609-688-0540; fax, 609-688-0542. Home


The healthcare business unit of a larger market research

group based in northern New Jersey opened an eight-person office in

1 Palmer Square last year. Formerly known as NOP Healthcare Advanced

Consulting Group, it has expanded by merger and changed its name;

it tripled its space, going from 1,225 feet to 4,225 feet, and will

add to its current 10 employees.

The owner is a United Kingdom-based conglomerate traded on the London

Stock Exchange, United News & Media (UNM). The owner has merged NOP

Healthcare (known as a multi-country research expert) with Market

Measures Inc. (MMI, a Livingston-based supplier of in-depth market

and disease state analyses), and Strategic Marketing Corporation (SMC,

which does medical marketing research). These three companies together

have doubled in size over the past three years.

"By uniting MML, SMC, and NOP Healthcare, we are creating an


powerhouse that can meet the full spectrum of marketing research


says Elaine Riddell, president of MMI and new CEO of UHG. James


is in charge of the Princeton office. The first joint product of the

combined companies will be direct-to-consumer advertising, a marketing

category for which spending now exceeds $1 billion.

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New in Town: Pharmacia & Upjohn

Pharmacia & Upjohn, 7 Roszel Road, The Commons

at Princeton, Princeton 08540. Scott Breed, regional operations


609-452-1700; fax, 609-452-7616. Home page:

Pharmacia and Upjohn, makers of the incontinence drug Detrol, was

founded in the mid-1800s by companies in Italy, Sweden, and the U.S.

Over the past 150 years, the company has swallowed up more than 20

others to make it a multinational pharmaceutical company that spends

$1 billion a year on R&D, and employs nearly 30,000 people (1,000

in New Jersey).

The company’s London headquarters was relocated to Bridgewater in

1998, part of a turnaround process initiated by new CEO Fred Hassan.

The headquarters is relocating again to Peapack. A small sales team

works out of a temporary office at 103 Carnegie Center and will move

into the new building at 7 Roszel Road by the end of the year.

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Expansions: Drug Venture Capital

Proquest Investments, 1 Palmer Square, Suite 425,

Princeton 08542. Pasquale DeAngelis, chief financial officer.


fax, 609-430-1127. Home page:

Jeremy Goldberg and Jay Moorin are partners in this venture capital

firm that focuses on cancer research. It closed $100 million in July,

has made three investments to date, and is looking at some others.

The four-person firm will soon have eight people and will be moving

to a 2,200 square foot space on the third floor. Construction starts

in the middle of September.

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