When Princeton Boot Camps recently moved into the Nassau Tennis Club, it opened a world of possibilities for clients looking to lose weight, tone up and get fit.

The new facility includes a dedicated training room, showers, offices and wonderful views of the property. It also allows Princeton Boot Camps to take it outside: co-owners Dave Knapp and Lisa West are in the process of building a fitness trail on the Club’s grounds.

"Our new location is one piece of news, but our ‘Biggest Loser’ contest is even more exciting," West said. "It’s both a chance for people to lose weight and get fit, and to help our local EMS and fire company."

The contest kicks-off Sept. 14. Princeton Boot Camps will dedicate a percentage of "Biggest Loser" fees to Montgomery Township Fire. It’s a three-month program that includes body fat analysis, interval training, cardio, strength training and general fitness. Those interested sign-up for a month at a time, either for one hour a day five days a week, or one hour a day three days a week. The cost is $349 each month for five days, with $50 going to charity, or $249 each month for three days, with $25 going to charity.

"Some people prefer to work out on their own, and that’s fine with us," Knapp added. "Those self-starters can enter the contest for $100. In return, they’ll receive body fat testing and monthly workouts for each month of the contest."

And, it pays to be a loser: the grand prize is $1,000. West says the winner will be selected by the biggest percentage of body fat lost. That evens the playing field between those who have many pounds to lose and those who have less. It’s about motivation, dedication and developing good fitness and nutrition habits.

"What’s great about all our programs is that everything is designed to each person’s physical capabilities," Knapp added. "It’s extremely personalized based on ability. We push people who are already fit, and scale it back for beginners. We make it work for everyone."

Another new program will be geared toward kids: Children’s Fun Fit Boot Camps are in the works for kids in grades 6 through 12. The program will target kids who might not otherwise get out and exercise. It’s founded on fun, and has an obstacle course "feel."

"The goal is to get kids to understand that exercise is important, as is a good diet. It’s Princeton Boot Camps’ way of making a dent in the childhood obesity issue," West noted.

In October, Princeton Boot Camps also will launch sports performance training for high school-aged athletes. Knapp is certified in speed and agility training along with power and flexibility training to increase athletic performance. His program focuses on speed, agility, power and flexibility.

"Sports performance training gives kids the edge they need to excel, especially those looking for college scholarships," he said.

Learn more about Princeton Boot Camps’ programs for the whole family at www.princetonbootcamps.com.

Princeton Boot Camps. 1800 Route 206, Skillman. 888-402-2267. princetonbootcamps@yahoo.com

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