When you are looking for a gift that will always be remembered, try giving an Introductory Flying Lesson from Princeton Airport. Whether the person has expressed an interest in learning to fly or you just wish to give a gift of adventure, an Introductory Lesson is fun for people of all ages and gender.

The airport is open every day from 8 until dark year round when the certificate can be redeemed by appointment. An FAA-certified flight instructor will demonstrate the pre-flight inspection of the airplane to insure air worthiness. Then the person will be seated in the left seat of the airplane with the instructor in the right seat. Both will have their hands and feet on the controls. The instructor will talk the student through the take-off.

For $69 the person will be in the air about 20 minutes and for $159 the person will be in the air for one hour. The time in the airplane will count toward a license if the person decides to pursue a pilot’s license. Either way, your gift will always be remembered. There are many other suggestions for those who are licensed pilots or for those who wish to become one. Check the website.

To order a gift certificate, call Princeton Airport at 609-921-3100; visit the airport between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.; or order from the website: www.princetonairport.com under “SCHOOL.”

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