Chef F. Scott Belgard, owner of Pompier Catering & Cuisine and a 25-year culinary veteran who specializes in a spectrum of catering services, wants to make sure the food you serve at your event is the highlight of the day. From dinner parties, hall catering events, weddings, sweet 16s, corporate functions, barbecues, cocktail parties, and anniversaries to personal cooking classes for your house party, Pompier brings exquisite taste and the personal touch to the table.

Pompier’s edge is born of Chef Belgard’s career of developing creative, succulent menus for some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Tre Piani and The Galleon, and from studying under prestigious master chefs, such as Bernard Louyot at Anton Chantell in Metz, France, and Hubert Siefert and Harkmon Henky in Columbus, Ohio.

Pompier’s focus is on detail, and Belgard always asks himself a simple question: How can we make everything better? “For instance a grilled hamburger is simple,” Belgard says. “Grill up the patty and place it on a bun, then dress it and consume.” But making it better? That takes some extra care. “We look at utilizing the very best sirloin patty, using a fantastic bun, top with aged Vermont cheddar, French fried onions, Jersey garden tomatoes, and chipotle aioli,” he says.

One of the unique things about Pompier is the way Belgard moves so seamlessly between innovative, high-end cuisine and down-home barbecue cooking. “We love all of our events but must admit working with customers to develop innovative high-end cuisine for special events is the best,” Belgard says. “It gives us a chance to show off. A great example would be the showers we did this summer at Working Dog Winery. What a location.”

But think back to that better burger ‒‒ no cooking needs to be just food. “When we provide a BBQ for a customer we service each guest by plating their food items for them,” Belgard says. “No tin pans laid out on an un-clothed table filled with precooked, soggy food. We utilize china and appropriate service ware for excellent presentation.”

Pompier began as a support business to provide catering at the Firehouse Hall in Hightstown (where Belgard serves as a volunteer fireman). It slowly grew into providing outside BBQs, then to the higher-end functions. “I always say when asked how we marry high-end catering with BBQ, ‘The answer is simple ‒‒ everything we do is treated as high-end,’” he says.

Pompier also provides a mobile kitchen and food truck for all events. “The mobile kitchen makes it possible to have food service where it would not be possible,” Belgard says. “Also, the food truck is available for events daily.”

Belgard is currently at work on developing his fall menu, which will expand on his already impressive menu and will focus on local, seasonal items. Then again, nothing is cast in stone. “All our menus are just suggestions,” Belgard says. “Our best results with providing menus for our customers is to build and write the menu in accordance with the demographics of who is attending and the occasion.”

Pompier Catering. 609-462-5544.

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