Companies today thrive on a combination of vision, teamwork, creativity, and personal effort that blends together for a shared outcome. So is it really a surprise that more and more companies are turning to art to help them build better teams?

Pinot’s Palette – Princeton is the newest place to paint, drink wine, and have fun, which seems like the perfect place for a date or to meet new friends (and, for the record, it is). However, in addition, companies in the Princeton area have caught on fast that the very thing that makes Pinot’s Palette – Princeton fun for date night ‒‒ everyone crafting their own versions of one image, led by an artist who teaches even non-artists how to make a cool painting in a relaxed BYO atmosphere ‒‒ is the very thing that produces a great team experience.

“In today’s workplaces, everything is about the team,” says Kathleen Walters, co-owner (with Michael Siman) of Pinot’s Palette – Princeton. “Effective teams are very important, and companies want to embrace people’s creativity.”

In other words, the better team members work together, the better the company will run. And Pinot’s Palette – Princeton has several programs for companies looking to build teamwork and tap into employees’ creativity. For example, teams can split a painting into smaller pieces that eventually get put together like a puzzle, so everyone contributes one part to a larger image.

Or teams can do a secret painting, where no one is sure what the image is, which is a fun way to build communication skills.

Alternatively, teams can do the very popular “musical chairs” program, where team members start working on a painting and then switch seats and work on others’ paintings. This, says Walters, is so popular because it builds trust by teaching some team members the value of relinquishing total control over a project.

“Some people have a really hard time with that,” she says. “Someone else is coming in to add the next step to their painting. Some people need to learn to give up control, and this often shows them that other people have great ideas.”

Of all the choices, the most popular arrangement is the Pinot’s Palette – Princeton original format, of a shared image that everyone paints on their own. It remains the most popular because it’s the most fun, Walters says. A way for co-workers to play together and have a great time, outside the bounds of everyday life at the office.

Pinot’s Palette – Princeton can seat up to 48 and offers a special menu from Tre Piani for companies that would like their day of art and fun catered. Or you could bring your own food and beverages to enjoy.

The bottom line is, have fun, which, as it turns out, is always good for a company’s bottom line. Our motto is Paint Drink Have Fun.

Visit Pinot’s Palette – Princeton at

Pinot’s Palette – Princeton, 127 Village Boulevard, Princeton Forrestal Village. 732-997-0046.

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