YAY! It’s almost time for your next staff team-building event! Do any of these sound familiar? Bowling, happy hour, adventure courses, outdoor games and a potluck lunch.

Those are some good activities, but for many employees, they’re more stress-inducing than anything. What about an activity that’s low-pressure, and doesn’t require athletic talents or giving up an evening to make enough potato salad for the whole office?

We give you the Pinot’s Palette Princeton’s Paint and Sip Team Building Experience: a perfect staff activity because it promotes positive interaction in an environment free of workplace pressures.

Creating is a Fun, Happy Activity. Painting is not competitive. Outdoor games and corporate teams working against one an another can frustrate and divide staff who are already struggling with competitiveness and interpersonal bonding. Painting is a leisurely activity that doesn’t divide your team into groups or set anyone up to be winners OR losers.

Painting Encourages Positive Bonding and Socialization! The Pinot’s Palette environment is designed to be relaxing, encouraging and supportive. It’s a fun but low-key environment where water cooler small talk can easily turn into more meaningful conversations.

Our Paint and Sip Team Building Activities Improve Problem Solving and Execution. Creative activities form new neural pathways in the brain. Combine this effect with the stress-busting effect of painting, and your team is better prepared to find solutions to problems that previously stumped them. For example, a 2015 report from Aon Hewitt showed that companies that increase their employee engagement and team-building activities see a 3 percent higher revenues the following year!

Convenience of Scheduling a Paint & Sip at our Studio

At our studio, located in Forrestal Village, everything is provided for you, from aprons to supplies to instructors. All your company has to do is show up at our spacious and upscale studio.

Pinot’s Palette Princeton is the proud recipient of Town Topics Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Art classes and Best Small Business of the Year 2018 (Princeton Commerce of Chamber with the Plainsboro Business Association).

To find out more about our corporate team building offerings, contact Kathleen Walters, the owner, at princeton@pinotspalette.com or call the studio at 609-853-0024.

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