The moment students walk into English class, they write and respond to great works. They share their voice in the conversation. With music, students learn the fundamentals for years, and only at the end of their education are they expected to be creative musicians,” said Aaron Weiman, director of Piano Summer Workshop, a program of musical education and exploration for pianists and violinists ages 8 to 15.

In 2007 classical pianist Dr. HsinYi Tasi and jazz pianist Aaron Weiman founded Piano Summer Workshop with the vision of spreading a method of music education that emphasizes creativity while developing overall musicianship. Aaron and HsinYi believe that through composing music and rehearsing regularly with others, students will learn not just theory and technique; they will learn how to communicate and express themselves.

“We have to practice and explore our creativity from the beginning. Compose music and hear it played. Work with performers, get feedback, make changes, and begin anew — that is what Piano Summer is about,” said Dr. Tsai, co-director.

In 2012 Piano Summer Workshop will bring its programs to the Lawrenceville School, on a campus boasting over 20 Steinway and Yamaha pianos, two recital halls, and an electronic music studio. Piano Summer’s two-week, Monday through Friday session will begin on July 23 and end with a final concert on August 3.

During Piano Summer Workshop students experience every facet of the music-making process, from singing and improvising to rehearsing and performing. Students will learn and play with their peers in masterclasses and ensembles guided by the faculty of teaching artists.

Having played at venues from Vienna and Budapest to Paris and San Francisco, Aaron and HsinYi are excited to host a concert series of jazz and classical music at the Lawrenceville School: Piano Winterfest 2012.

Running March 9 to 11, the concerts will feature a Friday night of jazz with the Aaron Weiman Trio, a Saturday evening with the Formosa Piano Duo featuring Dr. HsinYi Tsai and Dr. Chia-Ching Shen, and a Sunday afternoon Young Composers Workshop and Concert featuring the faculty of Piano Summer Workshop.

Piano Summer Workshop, the Lawrenceville School. 732-463-2268.

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