Groan up two blocks from me
Foolish Jewish
Mostly useless
Dream world delusionist
Literary religion
Identity confusion
The fence around the orphanage
On Lyons Avenue
Rang true
Look but don’t see
Portnoy’s lament
Never went
I thought it was true
Can an idea be new?
Success commands her
Opposite sex can’t understand it
Chemical Allure
Basic nature
Why fight it
Love is an STD
It happened to you and me
Right doesn’t make might
Is it day before night?
Because the other way
Makes sense too
Opposite thought
Do not becomes ought to
God becomes
I am
Holy becomes Me
I Am Not
Or am I?
Where do you go
When the answer is yes and no?
Phillip Roth died
What did he know?
Something between right and wrong
The lyric of a forgotten song
Thought it was funny
Until it made money
Everyone said “Really?”
He just made it up
He didn’t really know
But he guessed
Then made a mess
Did he ever grow?
He’s no hero
She said so
Protect too much?
Despite a real grudge?
I can’t judge
While being judged
Were you misled?
Well, now he’s dead.

Veintraub writes under the pseudonym Martin Vino. An East Windsor resident, retired social worker, attorney, functional Luddite, he says, he spends much time vainly pursuing enlightenment.

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