Mega’s Expansion

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Pharmas & the Web: Newton Group


My passion for learning is why we are doing what we

are doing," says Debra Newton, founder of Newton Resource Group.

"I know the value of education and the value of access to information."

Her healthcare digital media company has tripled its office space

with a move from Lambertville to Pennington and with growth rates

of 50 percent to 60 percent a year, it was listed as number 158 on

the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 list. The Newton Resource Group offers

major pharmaceutical firms such web-based technology as intranets,

extranets, web-based training programs, and CD-ROMs.

Newton grew up in Dayton, Ohio, where her father had a tool and die

company. Two of her siblings are working with him now. "It was

the entrepreneurial spirit," says Newton, "I lived and breathed

having a business and seeing the time and energy needed to grow and

maintain a company." She dropped out of school and 12 years later

— by then single and with a seven-year-old child — went back

to college and graduated from St. Mary’s College, near Berkeley.

She did meeting management for the largest labor law firm in the country,

Littler Mendelson, and then moved east to do pharmaceutical marketing

for Carter Wallace. She credits some of her success to knowing both

logistics and production management as well as marketing.

Her oldest child is now a freshman at Northeastern University in Boston,

and she has remarried and has two more children, both school-aged.

"I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the support of my

family and my extended family," she says.

"One of the challenges is staying ahead of the technology curve

— delivering online communication to the pharmaceutical industry

when it is just starting the adoption curve, when the Web is several

years ahead of where the pharmaceutical industry is," says Newton.

One recent hire: David Toub, a board-certified OB/GYN physician who

moderates a web-based women’s health forum for the Philadelphia Inquirer

( and serves on the editorial boards

of Medical Economics Magazine and ( "As

a physician involved with information technology," says Toub,

"I was impressed by Newton’s commitment to being on the cutting

edge of delivering timely and accurate medical information. My sense

is that medicine is becoming much more integrated with the Web, and

I wanted to be part of that evolution."

Newton Resource Group, 2425 Pennington Road, Pennington

08534. Debra Newton, president. 609-818-0025; fax, 609-818-0045. Home


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Mega’s Expansion

Son and father, Mark and Michael Iorio, have merged

their companies — The Mega Group and M&B Associates — to form

a new corporation called Global Marketing and Information Technology

(GMIT). The Mega Group is a full service marketing agency, and M&B

Associates is a database management, mailing, and fulfillment house.

The new hybrid company offers comprehensive marketing programs and

drug sampling for the pharmaceutical industry. The Iorios believe

that GMIT is the first of its kind in the United States.

The Mega Group was at Crossroads Drive in Robbinsville, but it has

moved into M&B’s space at Thomas Rhodes Industrial Drive in Mercerville.

The Iorios rehabbed the building and took 5,000 square feet for additional

offices. Joseph Orban was the builder and Mega’s creative director,

Lance Roman, designed the space in off white and trim of royal blue

with deep blue carpeting.

The result belies the supposed success of virtual businesses, says

Iorio: "The age of the Internet is in some cases overrated. We

had the data team on the other side and our account management teams

here and there. But you’ve got to sit with people. The entire creative

staff is in the center of all the action in a huge converted bullpen,

partitioned with five-foot glass partitions. Morale is sky high."

Mark’s father, Michael, was a 1958 graduate of Rider. Mark was a business

administration and management major at Trenton State, Class of 1979.

After working at GTE Sylvania as a packaging designer, production

planning coordinator and buyer, he did commercial print work and design

at National Compugraphics in Bensalem. He founded his first firm in

1987 and the MegaGroup the following year. For the past 10 years he

has been doing projects with his father.

"We design and develop materials and collateral and have common

clients," says Mark Iorio. "A client might ask for fulfillment

and database — an absolutely perfect fit. My father’s business

is a huge service business, and it did a remarkable job of servicing


The new firm, GMIT, can take a marketing project from conception through

consumer behavior research to product sampling and return on investment

tracking, says Mark Iorio. GMIT has wide experience in pharmaceuticals

and is certified to package and distribute pharmaceuticals in compliance

with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA). Nevertheless, GMIT

can work in any area as a "one stop shop" for marketing and

product distribution.

"In every corporation," says Mark Iorio, "there is data

resident within those four walls. Yet management is not pulling the

relevant information from that data so they can use it to market more

effectively to their customer base. GMIT has a proprietary approach.

We extract information from the data, build customer profiles, track

buying habits, and anticipate future purchases. We then deliver the

product and measure response — in terms of return on investment.

It’s a comprehensive approach that’s literally one of a kind."

Accountability counts, says Michael Iorio, in a climate where discretionary

budgets for marketing have disappeared. "What our clients really

need to know is whether what they are doing is working," he says.

"We can deliver results and show them how to change behavioral

modeling in the process."

Global Marketing and Information Technology, 14

Thomas J. Rhodes Industrial Drive, Suite 108, Mercerville 08619.

Mark A. Iorio, CEO, 609-584-7400; fax, 609-584-1977. Home page:

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