It’s not just about opening the mail and paying the bills. That’s what Linda Richter, owner and founder of Personal Paperwork Solutions … and More, Inc., wants you to know about her Princeton metro area business.

“We call ourselves professional administrators for financial and medical paperwork,” Richter says. This can mean organizing bills, financial statements, and tax documents, helping with medical claims and Medicare forms, or paying household staff. If needed, they’ll also do a cash-flow analysis, audit credit card statements, and take steps to stop fraud and junk mail.

“People either have overflowing filing cabinets or no filing system at all, and we address this situation,” Richter says. For example, a client had fallen into a rut after her husband passed and had not paid bills or opened mail in six months. “Now we are working with her to contact her bank, restart her insurance, and get her life back together.”

Personal Paperwork Solutions visits clients in their home or office and will create a listing of all their accounts that includes everything from their lawyer’s name to when bills are due. “We get to know everything” about clients, Richter says. “We become their source of information about their financial affairs.”

This information can, in turn, be very useful for lawyers, accountants, and younger family members trying to keep track of parents’ financial and medical records. “We are in constant contact with their children who live all over the place,” Richter says. “We supply them with information every month. As a result, they’ve got a pretty good handle of what’s going on with their mother or father’s business. The ensuing letters of recommendation describe us as ‘professional, trustworthy, and caring.’”

Though Richter started the business to help senior citizens with the “maelstrom of mail” they receive, PPS has expanded its services to include busy professionals and small-service businesses as well. PPS works with PHS Senior Living and their residents and receives referrals from the Princeton Senior Resource Center as well as from attorneys and accountants. Richter is an active member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). In 2006, Richter was awarded Business Woman of the Year by both the Mercer chapter and the State organization of NJAWBO.

Richter especially enjoys working with senior citizens, for whom everything is usually paper-oriented. “The 80- and 90-year-olds we work with still talk about World War II and other nostalgic topics,” Richter says, noting she has clients who worked on the Hubble telescope and the Manhattan Project and even attended lectures by Einstein. “The accomplishments of that generation are fascinating.”

Richter’s background led her naturally to a career helping others. Her parents were closer in age to her peers’ grandparents, so Richter was introduced early to the challenges that can confront senior citizens. Her twin sister is also mentally disabled, so she was used to being around someone who needed help.

The opportunity to create her business presented itself when Westinghouse bought CBS. “I had to make a decision on what to do in my life,” she says. Thirteen years later Personal Paperwork Solutions — the brainchild of that career transition — has come a long way: from working in a spare bedroom to having an office and staff and a recognized brand name. She says: “We work hard, and we’re very proud of the results.”

Personal Paperwork Solutions and More, Inc. 614 Route 130 South, East Windsor. 609-371-1466; fax, 609-371-0864. Linda Richter, owner.

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