“Who says people don’t read newspapers anymore?” begins an e-mail from Gil Gordon, who wrote a column in the November 7 issue of U.S. 1 explaining the project to provide feminine hygiene products free of charge to school-age girls whose families could be financially stressed by another monthly expense in their budget.

Gordon wrote to share a letter he had received in conjunction with a substantial donation made to the cause:

“I happened to be in the dentist office reading U.S. 1 when I read the article about the Princeton Period Project. I was dumbstruck by my lack of awareness of such an obvious problem. Yes, these products would be out of reach for women and girls who have financial difficulties. These products are expensive! Monthly!

“I immediately wrote e-mails to friends about the need that must exist everywhere. Their response to me was similar to my own. After I sent those e-mails, I went online and ordered the boxes of sanitary napkins. Thank you for writing the article. It is time that this issue be addressed.”

For more on the Period Project visit www.princetonperiod.org. For more on Gil Gordon and his son, Adam, see Richard K. Rein’s column.

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