Heading into Wawa I spotted a paper clip in the parking lot —

silvery –– no rust on it — ten years ago even I would have

stooped over to pick it up. You have to know I grew up

during the Depression. I used to always pick up a

penny lying on the ground in front of me

or even ten feet away.

It didn’t have to be shiny or heads up.

Some people wouldn’t pick it up if was

tails up. For luck.

I don’t believe in luck.

But today I didn’t bend over to pick up the paper clip.

That’s when I realized I’m not that ten years younger

person I used to be anymore. So when I got into Wawa,

finished putting cereal and tissues and coffee onto the counter,

I determined to head over to Hulfish Street to pick up

one bottle of Chardonnay, one of Merlot.

Paul says: “Poetry has been a mainstay of my life. I am retired from the Physical Plant Department of Ocean County College, where I was voted the 1989 employee of the year. I have been consumed with reading and studying my favorite and heretofore unknown poets had became a member of the Poets of Barnegat.”

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