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28, 2004 issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Paul Plumeri’s Blues Groove

For guitar players, it’s all about tone. Trenton-raised, guitarist,

singer and songwriter Paul Plumeri is one of the most tone-conscious

players you’ll find on the Garden State club scene. Plumeri’s most

recent release is “In Seattle,” a live recording the guitarist made in

an old wood-paneled theatre there. One of his other recent releases,

“The Bishop of the Blues” is a studio outing that was recorded


Friday night, Plumeri reunites his stunning trio after a long hiatus

at the Triumph Brew Pub on Nassau Street. Plumeri, who has an

economical guitar style that is based in soul jazz grooves, will be

accompanied by Gerry Guida on Hammond B-3 and Ronnie Hand on drums.

“The two of them go back quite a few years on the club circuit, and

they have played in many different configurations,” Plumeri, 49

explains last week from his Hamilton Township home.

“To me, they are the best possible rhythm section around, they’re

phenomenally tight and unwavering. Ronnie is probably the best groove

style drummer I’ve ever played with, he just absolutely gets the best

out of you, and Gerard is quite the same,” Plumeri says.

“It’s better than any band I’ve ever worked with,” he adds.

Like Texas guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, who works with Hammond B-3

keyboardist Bill Willis in his band Tilt-a-Whirl, Plumeri doesn’t have

to play a lot of notes or do a lot of fancy riffing to make a


“I like to keep things pretty straight and simple. I like a nice pure

tone that’s overdriven but certainly not distorted, just the natural

sound of a great guitar and a great amp, and whatever I use by way of

effects are used extremely sparingly,” says Plumeri, now a 14-year

veteran of the state’s Office of Ombudsman for the Institutionalized

Elderly. He calls his position as a nursing home and rehab center

inspector his “good karma day job.”

While Plumeri has an extensive guitar collection, “I use George

Allesandro’s amplifiers 90 percent of the time. He’s really well known

now, he’s in Pennsy, but he worked for me for about five years as a

roadie,” Plumeri recalls of the halcyon days of Trenton and New

Jersey’s club scene in the 1970’s.

“I guess I was sort of a mentor to him of sorts, and I always knew

this kid was bright, but unbeknownst to me, I never knew he was going

to come up with a leading amplifier,” Plumeri says, “he really came up

with a nice piece of equipment.”

“I’ve never gotten into dealing guitars, for me, it’s always been a

labor of love,” he says of his collection, “but these things all have

their own individual personalities.”

At Triumph Brew Pub on Friday, Plumeri will be debuting some newer

songs, but he points out, with Guida based in Jersey City and Hand

living in Newton, they only get together periodically to rehearse. It

doesn’t matter, since they’re all virtuoso musicians and veterans of

the Garden State club and festival circuit. Plumeri will release later

this year a DVD from a 1998 concert with this trio recorded at

Trenton’s Waterfront Park.

“The DVD will be coming out this year, it’s about 45 minutes long and

I’m hoping people will be happy with it,” he says.

At Triumph, longtime fans of Plumeri should know they won’t have to

wear their earplugs.

“Triumph is kind of a boomy room, but the club does well on its own,

and this will be the first time since we’ve stopped playing that

anyone will have a chance to hear us,” he says, “so at Triumph, we

adjust by playing quieter.”

For those who prefer their blues and blues-rock raw and acoustic,

Plumeri is performing Saturday night at McManimon’s, a bar owned by

the extended family of longtime New Jersey State Senator Francis


“Joe Zuccharello and I do this acoustic duo thing once a month there,

and it’s a corner bar. It’s all very laid-back and about as

unpretentious as you can get,” he adds.

— Richard J. Skelly

Paul Plumeri Band, Triumph Brewing Company, 138 Nassau Street,

609-924-7855. Blues with a Hendrix influence, plus acoustic with Joe

Zook. Friday, January 30, 10:30 p.m.

Paul Plumeri Band, McManimon’s, 151 Liberty Street, Trenton,

609-393-9023. Saturday, January 31, 10 p.m.

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