‘Instructions for Breathing’ is a play about loss and faith; an intimate portrait of quiet lives broken by tragedy, and how we may heal and transform from moments of crisis,” says playwright Caridad Svich, one of the most prolific Latino/a and American playwrights working today. The play’s world premiere opens on Saturday, April 18, at Passage Theatre in Trenton.

“Instructions for Breathing” is described as a lyrical, dreamlike drama that exposes tragedy in the modern world — personal, private, and public — through the story of a marriage blown apart by the sudden loss of a child, Sonya, by an act of casual neglect. Her disappearance turns her parents — and the community — upside down with regrets, judgments, and gossip; but also galvanizes them to take responsibility for their own fate in today’s global and frenetic society.

Artistic director June Ballinger says: “The play speaks directly to Passage’s artistic mission. We look for plays that celebrate the resilience of our human nature. This story centers on a couple who made an error in judgment and suffer a loss. This loss affects their marriage and the lives of their friends. But they survive. There is an aspect of grace in the story that testifies to the mysterious connection between people…strangers as well as friends. It is play of hope and instruction in love.”

Instructions for Breathing, Passage Theater, Mill Hill Playhouse, Front and Montgomery streets, Trenton, Drama about a tragedy focusing on a couple after the loss of their child. Written by Caridad Svich. Directed by Daniella Topol. Through May 10. $25 to $30. 609-392-0766 or www.passagetheatre.org.

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