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Paris for the Springtime

Whether you’re planning a return to Paris in the springtime,

or want to arrive and get it right the first time, or perhaps you’re

just savoring Francophile fantasies from the comfort of home, Trenton

author Gary Lee Kraut is offering his just-published "Paris Revisited:

The Guide for the Return Traveler." The 464-page guide has with

maps and illustrations by Trenton-native Laura Barton of Barton Design.

Kraut celebrates "Paris Revisited" with a party at Urban Word,

Saturday, February 8, at 7 p.m. This is Kraut’s fifth travel book

and the first published under his own imprint, Words Travel International.

He has written three other guides to France in the Fielding Travel

Book collection, and "Gay Paris," published by Ferrari Guides.

In 1995 he won FrancePress’s Prix d’Excellence for his third guide,


Kraut, who has lived in Paris part-time since 1988, says he brings

"the right accent" to American travel writing. He refuses

to adopt the fashionable "idiot approach" and instead aims

to offer readers insights informed by years of personal experience.

His Paris guide focuses on the monumental, lesser-known, and intimate

sides of the city. He has acted as a guide and consultant for business

and leisure travelers in France.

"Paris Revisited" is specially designed for travelers (including

armchair travelers) ready to delve deeper into the culture, history,

pleasures, and passions of Paris, Kraut says. His book features sections

on familiar and unfamiliar views of Paris through the ages.

Kraut also offers "Secrets to the French restaurant experiences"

with reviews of 50 restaurants he has tested. He looks at them for

the business and casual traveler and for romance.

He also recommends choice hotels for mid-level and upscale travelers.

Tea rooms, cafes, wine bars, hotel bars, cigar stops, pastry shops,

and garden promenades are on his agenda. Tips for "chic shopping

on the Right Bank and boutique-bopping on the Left," as well as

antiquing in the famous flea markets of Paris and forays off the beaten

track complete the bill.

Gary Lee Kraut, The Urban Word, 449 South Broad,

Trenton, 609-989-7777. Publication party for "Paris Revisited"

with music, wine tasting, and Francophile conversation. Cash bar.

Saturday, February 8, 7 p.m.

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