With the new year upon us, now is the time many people take stock and make positive changes when it comes to their health. If you’re a state worker or teacher, you can take advantage of Paladina Health’s new patient-focused doctor’s office now open at 3840 Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton Township.

All state workers and teachers — along with eligible family members — participating in either the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) or School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) are now eligible to receive personalized care from Paladina Health, a participant in New Jersey State’s Direct Primary Care Medical Home (DPCMH) resolution. There is no fee to taking part. You simply have to sign-up at www.paladinahealth.com/newjersey

“Primary care is the key to good health,” said Hetty Rosenstein, CWA New Jersey State Director. “New Jersey’s costs are so high because of fee-for-service, for-profit care. The unions on the Plan Design Committee wanted to make this high-quality healthcare available to our members with no co-pays. And a Hamilton office location makes such care extremely convenient for these hard-working men and women.”

Paladina Health delivers higher quality care, while driving down healthcare costs. Simply put, people can save money, while receiving a more personalized, patient-focused physician relationship. In fact, most patients can receive up to 80 to 90 percent of their healthcare needs for their whole family in one place, including:

• Pediatrics, including well-child visits

• Specialist physician care coordination

• Health risk assessment and care planning

• Proactive management of chronic conditions

• Fitness and nutrition coaching

“The Paladina Health model is one which saves time, saves money and gives piece of mind,” said State Senator Linda Greenstein (14th District). “At no out-of-pocket cost, families get the most out of essential medical services from an experienced physician who takes the time to get to know and care for the patient.”

Paladina Health puts the focus back where it belongs — on the patient and his/her needs. They provide unhurried appointments with short wait times, primary, urgent and preventive care, and many services commonly performed by specialists. This is a great, new primary care alternative to consider, because it offers same or next-day appointments for urgent needs, 24/7 doctor access via phone, and easy online tools for scheduling appointments and messaging your doctor. And it all comes at no out-of-pocket cost.

“Patient-centered care is the model in today’s healthcare environment and I wish Paladina Health well as they seek to serve our many public employees and their families and the wider community,” said Assemblyman Daniel Benson (14th District). “This continues to show the success of NJ’s Direct Primary Care Medical Home Program and its goal of lowering costs for patients and the state.”

Paladina Health doctors’ pay isn’t based on collecting fees for each patient serviced. Rather, they’re paid to serve their patients well, to help them meet their wellness goals, and be at their healthy best. Doctor salaries aren’t impacted by the number of patients he/she sees. Additionally, physicians are awarded bonuses for keeping patients healthy. This unique style provides the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with patients and focus on each person’s health.

“NJEA is proud to have introduced this opportunity to the SEHBP Plan Design Committee because we recognize the overall benefits that a Direct Primary Care Medical Home Model can bring to thousands of public school employees,” Marie Blistan, New Jersey Education Association President said. “Increasing quality care to members and their families as well as providing them with more information to make better quality healthcare decisions — while simultaneously reducing overall healthcare costs — is a win-win for all.”

Anyone wishing to join Paladina Health must sign up to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Patients choosing to enroll enjoy the same provider access and benefits through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield currently offered in their SHBP or SEHBP plan. Now, they’ll also have quick, personalized attention from a Paladina Health doctor for primary care needs. For more information — and to sign up — visit www.paladinahealth.com/newjersey.

“Paladina Health has an established reputation for delivering high quality care and easy doctor access,” says Chris Miller, Paladina Health CEO. “Our team strives to offer an exceptional experience for our patients and New Jersey’s Direct Primary Care Medical Home program gives us a platform to yet again prove that patient-focused, high quality healthcare is attainable. We’re excited for all this represents as we begin serving New Jersey workers and their families at our Hamilton and Clifton doctors’ offices.”

Paladina Health, 3840 Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton. www.paladinahealth.com/newjersey.

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