(Written in hospital, November, 2011)

all along the downed log

in Trenton’s old marsh

I mean really old

as in ten thousand years of

Lenni Lenape presence

a coalescence of tribes

after the long months

begun by hunger’s moon

the rising of

new pickerel weed

arrayed along greening banks

signals departure

from inland hunting lives

to sea gathering

but first, this time together

in the Marsh

I descend to the log

studying, not touching

pierced silvery ovals

of bone / feather / fur

they seem arranged

for rituals

by men with lithe

cinnamon bodies

kneeling in loin cloths

of old deerskin

and new beads

Carolyn Foote Edelmann is a poet who must be out in nature, in addition to serving as Community Relations Associate for D&R Greenway Land Trust. In the 1970s, she was the first member of the community accepted into Princeton University’s Creative Writing Program. Carolyn is the co-founder of Princeton’s Cool Women Poets.

(Editor’s Note: An owl eats its prey whole, so their pellets frequently include exoskeletons and other indigestible parts of the animals they eat.)

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