Partnering with clients for success

Those counting an exercise program among their New Year’s Resolutions can turn to Optimal Exercise for true personal training at a manageable price.

Optimal Exercise’s owner and personal trainer Bill DeSimone wants potential clients to learn how his unique program can work for them.

He offers a trial package of three, 30- minute session for $99 so aspiring exercisers can get a feel for how the program works for them. Better still, there are no costly initiation fees or monthly membership contracts.

“People are always watching how they spend their money, especially now,” DeSimone noted. “At Optimal Exercise you get what you pay for without any hidden fees. You also get truly individualized personal training.”

DeSimone says the major difference between his program and others is that he approaches personal training like a consultant. He evaluates each client, discusses goals and then develops a plan that each client has the physical capacity, time and energy to accomplish.

“A lot of other trainers act like a coach, training people ‘their way’ based on their own personal preferences,” DeSimone explained. “It’s more like sports coaching, where players have to adapt to the sport or they’re out. But, that doesn’t work with people who are trying to get in shape. It’s the client’s needs that are important, not the trainer’s preferences.”

DeSimone uses his considerable experience to consult with clients for an optimal plan, and then to assist them on their journey. His programs factor in some challenging work, but not so much that the client gets intimidated or frustrated.

He honed his expertise over the past 26 years, first as a trainer in New York City. He went on to manage personal training for several regional outfits, and branched out into private training in 2001.He opened Optimal Exercise in 2006 to help a variety of clients achieve their health and exercise goals. He is a NSCA-certified personal trainer and an ACE-certified lifestyle and weight management consultant.

“I’ve trained a wide range of clients over the years: student-athletes, senior citizens, celebrities, executives, cancer survivors, the seriously obese, even other trainers,” DeSimone said. “The value of that experience is the ability to help clients find solutions that are right for them.”

To learn more about Optimal Exercise, and to take advantage of the “three-for-$99” offer, contact DeSimone at 609-409-7710. Learn more online at

Optimal Exercise. 27B Maplewood Avennue, Cranbury. 609-409-7710

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