Think you’re too busy to exercise? Bill DeSimone of Optimal Exercise in Cranbury has just the program for you. Optimal Exercise offers a personalized approach to physical training.

“We work with the person who isn’t the conventional health club user,” says DeSimone, who develops programs for busy working people, active seniors, and student athletes.

“The personal training format allows you to start your program appropriate to your current condition, and then to add more challenge as you go,” he explains.

And, it saves you time. “I recommend most people start with a half hour program two times a week,” says DeSimone.

“If you go to a large health club, you might need an hour because you have to walk around to find equipment or wait in line to use it. Here, with an individual program in a studio setting, all the time in your session can be productive.”

The general program includes cardio work, strength training and stretching, but looks different for each person who comes to the studio. “We work with each client based on either any limitations or goals specific to that client,” he says.

You may have the impression that a personal trainer is only for the person who is already in great shape.

But just the opposite is true, says DeSimone. “An inexperienced person should work with a trainer to avoid injury. The older you are, the more careful you need to be. When you are in your 20’s you may get away with poor technique, but as you get older, mistakes you make in a workout can become problems right away.”

Optimal Exercise also has programs tailored especially for high school and college athletes who need to train during the summer.

The “Athlete’s Advantage Program” is available for both males and females in all sports, including baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse. “Often a coach will give an athlete a program and goals to achieve by the fall. We can help athletes meet those goals,” says DeSimone.

His program begins with teaching new skills, such as how to safely use a barbell. “We work on technical drills when the athlete first comes in for the session and is still fresh,” he explains, “followed by a half hour of conditioning work”.

DeSimone offers a sample “Three for $99” sample package to help people decide if his program is right for them.

For more information, call Bill at 609-409-7710.

Optimal Exercise 27B Maplewood Avenue, Cranbury.

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