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Online Learning: Critical Mass

This article by Barbara Fox was published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on March 24, 1999. All rights reserved.

If Princeton Learning Systems is bringing online learning

to the financial industry, another Princeton-based company — Eduneering

Inc. — has taken it to the healthcare and energy industries. And

even as Dow Jones is offering Internet-based investment classes for

consumers, the Princeton Center for Education Services has just launched

web-based classes in entrepreneurism for the United States Small Business


Any successful training effort has a testing component, either informal

or formal. How else does one know whether the training is complete?

Various firms — at least two based in Princeton and one global

firm that has just opened an office here — deliver tests. The

Chauncey Group, a for-profit subsidiary of Educational Testing Service

with corporate, professional association, and trade group clients,

is partnering with Princeton Learning Systems. Knapp & Associates

International is partnering with a competitor to Princeton Learning

Systems to provide similar tests. And Saville & Holdsworth (SHL),

the world’s largest test provider in the private sector, has just

opened an office at 100 Canal Pointe to serve Fortune 100 clients

such as Staples and Pepsi.

Meanwhile Kelly Scientific Resources, a recruiting company with an

office on Route 130, has begun to offer both free and fee-based online

training for technical personnel to its clients and to the general


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From Straube Center, An SBA Classroom

<B>Princeton Center for Education Services has developed

the online classroom for the federal Small Business Administration

( Since the site was introduced by Vice

President Al Gore in January, more than 60,000 free courses have been

taken and an estimated 50,000 classes weekly will be delivered in

the third quarter.

"Our job is to design, develop, and obviously deliver the material,"

says Donald Martin, vice president of business development. "We

are trying to encourage people to look at the SBA and realize there

are enormous resources out there for small business." In February

3,000 people took advantage of a hot link at the end of the course

to counseling services.

"People can get through the courses in from 20 to 70 minutes,"

says Martin. "We opened with three classes, are just completing

the next six (on how entrepreneurs can get loans), and are building

the next 10. Our most widely hit course is the one on the Y2K problem

with content from IBM."

With nine people in Pennington plus full-timers in Minneapolis and

Seattle, the firm offers a process — the Princeton Center Process

— not a platform. Last year, for United States embassies, it built

a 4 1/2 hour course on software applications. "Our business is

converting information into knowledge, and we do this with a series

of tools," says Martin.

The SBA classes run off a database of visuals and tests that require

the user to download the player, which takes from three to five minutes.

The Harvard Business School will contribute a monthly component to

the curriculum.

"We are not giving CEUs (continuing education units) at this time

but have started discussions on using certifications with the banks.

If we could improve how loans are handled and how people are qualified,

that should expedite getting small businesses the loans they want,"

says Martin.

Princeton Center for Education Services, 106 West

Franklin Avenue, Straube Center, Pennington 08534. Peter J. Rizza

Jr., president. 609-737-8098; fax, 609-737-3787.

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Eduneering Online: For Pharmaceuticals

Eduneering Inc. is doing for the healthcare and energy

industries what Princeton Learning Systems is doing for the financial

services — all industries that are subject to heavy federal regulation.

In 1997, when Eduneering was bought by Hastings Healthcare, Hastings

wanted to be an early entry into the online learning market, and CEO

John Eichert was predicting he would take Hastings public by his 10th

anniversary in 2000. But instead Hastings has merged with a much larger

firm, Healthway Communications International, a 350-employee global

company based in Austin, Texas that offers digital publishing, multimedia,

medical education, sales training, direct-to-patient relationship

marketing, Internet, and telecommunications services.

Eduneering did not go with the deal. It is independently providing

innovative technological learning solutions — distance learning,

enterprise learning, and extensive libraries — compliance training

for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and health and safety

training for the energy industry. It has the largest library of energy

training materials.

"Not only are we a technology company but we have instructional

design abilities to create content for our clients," says Janice

McFarland, Eduneering’s vice president of marketing. "Our systems

create, launch, and track all training, enterprise-wide. We have a

very large customer base; about 350 energy and pharmaceutical companies

are using our systems."

Hastings Healthcare Group, 112 Titus Mill Road,

Building B, Pennington Office Park, Pennington 08534-4399. John Eichert,

president and CEO. 609-730-0100; fax, 609-730-0330.

EduNeering Inc., 114 Titus Mill Road, Building

A, Second Floor, Pennington 08534. Robert P. Delamontagne, president.

609-730-0030; fax, 609-730-0131. Home page:

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Knapp and KnowHow

What’s available now in online learning, says Joan Knapp,

"is just the tip of the iceberg in sophistication and the kind

of support that people need — simulations, interaction, support,

and providing access to faculty or study groups." With 10 employees

at Montgomery Commons and a hefty roster of consultants, Knapp

& Associates is working with KnowHow, a competitor to Princeton Learning

Systems, to do assessment for professional and trade associations

and online learning companies.

"Industry is no longer willing to pay for training unless the

person can prove that they know their stuff," says Knapp. Noting

that some certificates are not "high stakes" she predicts

students will soon be able to authenticate their tests with voice

or video recognition technologies and avoid having to take the tests

at, for instance, a branch of Sylvan Learning Centers.

She is working with KnowHow, which has a proprietary platform used

by Hewlett Packard, Best Buy, and Circuit City. For the Academy for

Healthcare Quality, sponsored by the Chicago-based Joint Commission

on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, she is helping five

universities — inexperienced in distance learning — develop

Internet-based materials on healthcare management practices. "It

is a real leap to go from `butt sitting on a chair’ to distance learning,"

says Knapp.

Knapp & Associates International Inc., 712 Executive

Drive, Montgomery Commons, Princeton 08540. Joan E. Knapp, CEO. 609-921-3478;

fax, 609-683-9295.

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Chauncey Group: Powerful Partner

Because customers want one-stop shopping, we are using

Princeton Learning Systems as a partner to deliver what we have decided

not to develop on our own — value added services such as practice

exams and ways for people to look up their scores," says Judith

D. Moore, president of ETS’ for-profit subsidiary last year.

An alumnus of Northwestern and the University of Chicago, Moore had

worked at Eastman Kodak and was president of the National Industries

for the Blind in Washington, D.C. The subsidiary does testing, certification

and other human resource development services for corporations, government,

and the professions — including nurses, architects, financial

planners, accountants, pharmacists, and podiatrists.

"My opportunity is to grow the company significantly," says

Moore. "My challenge is the change that is going on in the way

everyone does business. Princeton Learning Systems can deliver content,

but they can’t really do a certification exam," says Moore. "They

are focused on building a delivery system. I am essentially the auto

maker, but there needs to be a dealer and a service garage."

The Chauncey Group International, 506 Carnegie

Center, Princeton 08540. Judith Moore, president. 609-720-6500; fax,

609-720-6550. Home page:

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SHL: Test Provider

With 10,000 clients in Fortune 1000 organizations, Saville

& Holdsworth (SHL) is the world’s largest test provider in the private

sector, says Pete Hudson, managing director of the new Princeton office

at 100 Canal Pointe. The international human resources consulting

firm builds selection and assessment tests, some of which are web-based,

some offered on diskette, some simply taken with pencil and pen.

SHL markets more than 200 tests in the United States to such clients

as Staples, Toys R Us, Pepsi, Capital One, Johns Hopkins, Merck, Perrier,

Swiss Re Insurance, Union Bank of Switzerland, Barclay’s, Morgan Stanley,

America Online, the Chicago public schools, and Enterprise Rental

Car. Tests vary from measuring sales to manual skills, from assessing

customer contact service candidates to executive candidates. For Morgan

Stanley, for instance, it tests IT applicants. For Staples, it focuses

on sales associates.

Founded by Roger Holdworth and Peter Saville in London, SHL has 300

industrial organizational psychologists in offices in 42 countries,

with North American branches in Boulder (the main technological center),

Chicago, Cleveland, State College, Austin, Walnut Creek, California,

Toronto, and Ottawa. Hudson went to the University of Texas and

has master’s and PhD degrees in industrial organization psychology

from University of Houston; he worked at Pepsico before joining SHL.

"We do have off-the-shelf tests but more often we come in and

do a job analysis with an industrial psychologist — to get at

the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality attributes required,"

says Hudson, "to devise a regime to assess the skills that would

equate to successful performance within an organization." Testing

is important for both a glut and a scarcity of candidates, says Hudson.

In the latter case, an employer needs to be sure it is focusing on

the right candidates before spending training money.

"Worldwide we are seeing a concern about test integrity. If you

go online and you want to do some type of testing, you need a secure

site," says SHL’s Greg Gootee (Ball State, Class of 1976). "Most

companies will do the testing at their office, but some companies

will do limited testing online, before they bring you in."

SHL: Saville & Holdsworth, 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard,

Suite 114, Princeton 08540. Pete Hudson, managing director. 609-520-1700;

fax, 609-520-1774. Home page:

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Kelly Resources:

In December the Michigan-based scientific staffing company,

Kelly Scientific Resources launched its online learning campus, the

Science Learning Center (SLC), at

Some of the 12 available courses, including one on regulations

for personal protective equipment, are free to anyone, and some, such

as one on ISO 9000, cost $50. The most expensive, Clinical Trials

Monitoring, costs $800 and requires two to three weeks of full-time


KSS places people in biotechnology, food, medical device, pharmaceutical,

and specialty chemical industries. In January 1996 KSS offered computer-based

training, and in 1998 it was the first staffing service to introduce

web-based training for its workforce. It has on-line classes, content

assessment tests and grades, contact with faculty, and — when

enough students are in a class — the capacity for real-time chats.

KSS does not offer certification tests, says Rich Pennock, branch

manager of the Princeton office, because — unlike the Chauncey

Group’s arrangement with Sylvan Learning Systems, which administers

the online tests at its branch offices — KSR has no arrangement

to authenticate the identity of the test taker.

Kelly Scientific Resources, 2525 Route 130, Cranbury

08512. Rich Pennock, branch manager. 609-655-3570; fax, 609-655-1712.

Home page:

— Barbara Fox

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