We have had our doubts about the so-called “citizen journalists” who are supposed to be the new foot soldiers of the digital media. Most of the ones we have seen in action are more like lapdogs than bulldogs in their approach to news coverage.

But we are getting good ground-zero reporting from the Penns Neck area of West Windsor on adverse traffic consequences of the recent Route 1 jughandle closings.

David Parris, who wrote a letter to the editor in the August 24 issue of the West Windsor-Plainsboro News, and his wife, Sue, filed an update shortly after 7 a.m. on Tuesday, August 28. They reported another fender-bender near their house, caused by a rush-hour commuter doing a K-turn to overcome the DOT’s new restriction on turns off of Route 1 at Washington Road.

“Nobody was hurt,” reported the residents. “And there were no pedestrians, bicyclists, or school kids involved. A large pickup truck making a K turn collided with a small sedan. Apparently the truck driver, from Pennsylvania, said he didn’t know how else to get to Princeton and thought the U-turn signs were for some other street. And yes, drivers were still making U turns while this was going on — with several police cars and the ‘No U-turn’ sign within view.”

The Parris E-mail noted that they considered taking photographs to document the accident but “it just seemed inappropriate — we mostly wanted to make sure that no one was injured.”

As always, we are thankful for correspondence from our readers. And we will have more to say about the jughandle closings soon.

To the Editor:

Time to Register

The Election approaches but one must be registered in order to vote. If you have turned 18; if you are new to the county but have lived here for at least 30 days before election; or if you have moved since you last voted you must register before October 16 to be eligible to vote.

You can get a registration form or an application for an mail-in ballot from the clerk of your municipality. Members of the League of Women Voters will also supply forms and information at the following times:

Every Saturday in September from 9-1 at the West Windsor Farmers’ Market on Vaughn Drive;

At McCaffrey’s in the Princeton Shopping Center from 10-4 on Saturday, September 29;

At the Montgomery Farmers’ Market in the Village Shopper parking lot at 1340 Route 206 on Saturday, September 29, from 9-1:

And at the Princeton Farmers’ Market in Hinds Plaza on Thursdays, October 4 and 11, from 11-4.

Voting information is available at www.state.nj.us/state/elections/voting-information.html All registered voters receive a sample ballot noting poll location and district before the election.

No voter ID is required nor should one be requested. In the event of a question a provisional ballot should be supplied. Please exercise your right and responsibility as a citizen and vote.

Edith Neimark

League of Women Voters

of the Princeton Area

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