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On the Move: Steelbridge Networks

Trenton has its first wireless "hotspot," a

restaurant where you can bring your laptop and get wireless access.

It has been installed by Steelbridge Networks LLC, a company founded

by Craig O. Allsopp and Greg Baber, located in Hopewell and Yardley,


Allsopp, a Dow Jones Interactive alumnus, has founded three or four

previous companies, depending on which way you count. Internet


Group, with news and marketing databases for vertical markets, was

his first venture. He moved it to Newtown and spun off different


the most profitable being Commercial Real Estate Direct. He and Baber

spent 2002 exploring the energy business. Now Allsopp’s consulting

company, the Harbourton Group, works with Steelbridge.

Allsopp and Baber hope to "unwire" the capitol — to


a high-speed wireless Internet network in Trenton and then expand

to Princeton and Lambertville. Their first wireless "hotspot"

is at Cafe Ole on South Warren Street. The Internet connection —

the 802.11b communications standard known as Wi-Fi — is located

in the Tramp Steamer building on Lafayette Street and uses antennas

to reach users inside the building and at points within a 300-foot

radius. Those at the restaurant — actually anybody in the


neighborhood — can use this wireless access with their laptop

or handheld computer to surf the Internet for free for now.

Trenton joins Athens, Georgia, and Long Beach, California, in the

attempt to use wireless connectivity to revitalize a town. "We

want to actively partner with the city and with business owners and

landlords to promote Trenton as a technology center," says


Harbourton Group, Box 217, Pennington 08534. Craig

O. Allsopp. 609-466-3100; fax, 609-499-9408.

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Parag Pruthi Cleared

After a year and a half of living under the cloud of

sexual harassment charges, Parag Pruthi, CEO of Niksun Inc. at 1100

Corwnwall Drive, was declared not guilty of any charge last week.

Judge Mary Casey presided over the two-day trial in South Brunswick’s

Municipal Court.

"The judge questioned the credibility of the complaining witness,

and cited the `airtight’ defense," says Joseph Bennett, Pruthi’s

New Brunswick-based attorney. The original charges (which included

criminal sexual assault) had been downgraded to one disorderly persons


The complainant, a woman, had been hired as Pruthi’s administrative

assistant in August, 2001, Bennett said. Within six weeks after she

started work, there were documented complaints from other employees

about her performance. "She was given a list of priorities in

order for her to retain her job, and six days later she went to the

police," Bennett says. A civil suit is pending.

It is part of his family’s religious tradition, Parag Pruthi said

in a previous interview, to work hard and leave all else up to God

(U.S. 1, April 26, 2000). While he was working to clear his name,

Pruthi ceded the CEO position of the company he founded to his father,

Satish Pruthi, an entrepreneur who had started several companies.

Parag Pruthi is a graduate of Stevens Institute, Class of 1987, and

has a master’s in computer science and a PhD in telecommunications.

He worked for Bellcore and founded this company five years ago. The

name of the company is the shortened version of the names of the


two sons. The 60-person firm offers non-intrusive network monitoring,

performance and security enhancement, and equipment for IP networks.

Niksun Inc., 1100 Cornwall Road, Monmouth Junction

08852. Satish Pruthi, CEO. 732-821-5000; fax, 732-821-6000.

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Leaving Town

Princeton Investment Partners, 508 Grimes Drive,

Simpson, SC 29681. 864-286-6247; fax, 864-286-6256.

Just in time for New Jersey’s hard winter, Tina Schumacher moved the

1 Palmer Square office of Princeton Investment Partners to near


South Carolina. Schumacher and her husband — who can also work

from their home — are enjoying winter golf.

The owners of the company also have offices in Florida and on South

Main Street in Pennington.

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Julian Himley Bigelow, 89, on February 17. He helped


an early computer at the Institute for Advanced Study.

R. M. Hanna, 67, on March 8. A nationally known landscape

architect based in Philadelphia, he did the landscape design for the

Carnegie Center.

Louis Verbeyst, 84, on March 10. He was the owner of


French Dry Cleaners on South Tulane Street.

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