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April 25, 2001 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

On the Move: Siemens and Morgan Stanley

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Mapleton Mystery

Certus International, 864 Mapleton Road, Princeton

08540. Frederick Mostert. 609-919-3700; fax, 609-919-3707. Home


Certus International, an E-commerce company, marks its presence at

the former property of Ford Farewell & Mills Architects — on


Road just off Route 1 in Plainsboro — with an elegant green and

gold sign. Its head, Frederick W. Mostert, has been honorary chairman

of the International Trade Association and has written extensively

on trademarks and intellectual property.

But a company spokesperson, citing a nondisclosure agreement, declined

to provide information, and the company’s web page is closed to the


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Brokerage Moves

Last month, just about the time the Dean Witter part

of the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter name officially disappeared, the

retail office of the brokerage firm moved from Lenox Drive to a former

facility of Merrill Lynch. Then Jeanne McPartland moved her


office from Route 206 to join the main group at Franklin Corner Road.

The new office is a stand-alone building and offers more room and

visibility, says Kaiko Hargrove, operations manager. About 55 people

work here.

Meanwhile a back-office division of Morgan Stanley has signed a


lease for 33,686 feet of space at 206 Carnegie Center. Greg Lezynski

and Patrick Luzzi of Gale & Wentworth represented the tenant, and

John K. Brandbergh did the lease for Boston Properties

The building has a total of 159,000 square feet and used to be solely

occupied by Covance. Now it has three additional tenants on the fourth

and fifth floors — Morgan Stanley, Velio Communications, and Exide


Morgan Stanley, 100 Franklin Corner Road, Box 1573,

Lawrenceville 08648. Peter David, branch manager. 609-844-7900;

fax, 609-844-7950. Home page:

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New at Carnegie

Level 8 Systems (LVEL), 212 Carnegie Center, Suite

303, Princeton 08540; 609-987-9001; fax, 609-987-0038. Home page:

A software company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, is opening

an office at the Carnegie Center. Last fall Level 8 bought the rights

to Merrill Lynch’s "Cicero" software. Now the company is


to enhance the program used by more than 30,000 Merrill Lynch


The firm is traded on Nasdaq (LVEL) and has offices in the UK, France,

Germany, Sweden, and Italy.

Paul Rampel, the president, says that Cicero’s visual integration

platform can combine different applications into a simplified user

interface to view and update information. This interface is


good for call centers.

NiCox S.A., 502 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540.

A biopharmaceutical firm based in France will set up its northeastern

U.S. headquarters at 502 Carnegie Center. Robert Bull of Julien J.

Studley represented the tenant.

Siemens Information and Communication Networks,

202 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540. Home page:

A telecommunications company based in Germany is coming to the


Center. This division of Siemens is not connected with the research

organization at the Forrestal Center. Jon Marks of Cushman & Wakefield

represented the Boca Raton-based firm.

Like Lucent or Nortel, Siemens ICN does enterprise-wide data and voice

telecommunications networks for major corporations such as Ford, Coca

Cola, and NASA.

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First Union National Bank (FTU), 370 Scotch Road,

CN 1, West Trenton 08628. Susanne Svizeny, regional president.


fax, 609-771-5774. Home page:

The sixth-largest bank will soon be the fourth-largest bank in the

nation, behind Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Bank of America,

when it finishes buying Wachovia Corp. of North Carolina. Because

Wachovia has no branches in New Jersey, no job cuts or major


changes are expected here. Wachovia’s offices are in Florida, Georgia,

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, while First Union is

in 11 eastern states and the District of Columbia. Signs will be up

by 2003 for the new bank’s 2,900 branches, 90,000 employees, and 19

million customers.

Ken Thompson, CEO of First Union, will stay as president and CEO of

the new bank, but it will have the Wachovia name. Scotch Road will

remain the southern New Jersey corporate headquarters.

Re/Max Greater Princeton, 116 Village Boulevard,

Princeton Forrestal Village, Box 430, Plainsboro 08536. Esther


broker of record. 609-951-8600; fax, 609-951-9695.

The Re/Max Greater Princeton office opened officially on Village


after a month in temporary quarters. This is the office for Esther

Capotosta, Joan Eisenberg, Claire McNew, Linda November, and Dawn

Petrozzini. Another office, Re/Max of Princeton, remains at 600


Road. Additional area branches include those in Pennington and


Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction,

447 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton 08618-4502. Scott Sechrist, executive

director. 609-396-5874; fax, 609-396-3451. Home page:

The prevention agency is moving from 408 Bellevue to the other side

of the street, gaining an elevator, a receptionist’s area, a waiting

room with customer phone, an updated phone system, and enough private

offices to go round. The offices will be closed through April 30.

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Selling and Moving

RX Remedy Inc., 3705 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 205,

Mercerville 08619. 203-341-7010.

RX Remedy, a market research company with a magazine,

has closed its 12-person office on Quakerbridge Road and is in the

process of being sold. Operations continue on a reduced scale in


Connecticut, where there are three discrete divisions. RxEMEDY


publishes health advice, and management of that subscription database

yields various research reports and direct marketing opportunities.

The magazine claims to have the biggest over-55 health research


based on consumer behavior. It is based on information, not money,

and it has both a research and marketing component.

The second division is HealthScout (an Internet-based information

source that is resold to such portals as Compuserve, Yahoo, Infospace,

and Iwon), and third is Remedy Information Services, which collects

data from consumer panels.

The three businesses are being sold separately, says Karamjeet Paul,

chairman and CEO of RX Remedy, and he expects to announce the buyers

in several weeks. "The buyers see a tremendous amount of attention

in this area, and they plan to retain the people and grow the


says Paul. He graduated from India Institute of Technology in Bombay

in 1971 and has a graduate degree from Case Western Reserve.

Paul says his Internet site has flourished because he used a different

business model than most. "Most companies have spent a lot of

money attracting consumers to their sites. Our approach right from

the beginning has been that we would sell our information and tools

to companies that need content. You will find us at over 1,200


sites. Technology allows each portal to use a different design for

the same information."

This could be one of those "He who laughs last" cases.


were spending money like there was no tomorrow," says Paul,


we were told we missed the boat." He expects to announce the buyer

for each of the companies within the next several weeks.

NuCycle Therapy Inc., 1 Deer Park Drive, Suite

M, Princeton Corporate Plaza, Monmouth Junction 08852. Burt Ensley,

CEO. 732-438-0900; fax, 732-438-1209.

Burt Ensley has sold his firm, NuCycle Therapy Inc., to Manhattan

Drug Company, a subsidiary of Integrative Health Companies Inc. It

is now located at 225 Long Avenue, Hillside 07025, but retains the

same phone and fax. Formerly known as Phytotech, the company uses

plants for nutritional mineral supplements., 29 Emmons Drive, Building B, Princeton

08540. Ira Baseman, president. 609-497-9400; fax, 609-497-9433.



Ira Baseman has sold Nex-icom to Eureka GGN and now all calls are

being taken at the Manhattan office: 800-562-4206. As an integrated

service provider, it offers plug-in networks — data backup and

storage, remote network monitoring, security, server management,


support, and PC software distribution.

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Roper Starch Worldwide, 1060 State Road, Box 158,

Princeton 08542-0158. James H. Fouss, vice chairman. 609-921-3333;

fax, 609-921-2611. Home page:

Roper Starch’s call center at 3635 Quakerbridge Road has been closed,

and the work has been rerouted to the company’s three other call


around the country. Four full-time employees from the center have

been located to the 130-person State Road office. Says Jim Fouss,

the vice chairman and head of the Princeton research hub, "The

closing is due to the tight labor market and the high cost of


and retaining employees." Formerly known as Response Analysis,

the market research and consulting firm does survey design, data


and statistical analysis.

Advanced Energy Systems, 501 Forrestal Road,


Campus: Guggenheim Building, Box 7455, Princeton 08543. Alan Todd,

vice president. 609-430-2125; fax, 609-430-1460. Home page:

The Advanced Energy Systems Group moved out of 2,500 square feet at

Airpark Drive and into 700 square feet in the Guggenheim building

on the Forrestal Campus. Rather appropriately, it is now a neighbor

of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. The company specializes

in accelerator and energy technology, such as electron accelerator

systems, free electron lasers, and plasma physics projects.

The Advanced Energy Systems Group used to belong to Northrop Grumman

but in 1998 the employees formed a new small business and bought the

assets — the personnel skilled in accelerator and fusion


the intellectual property, accelerator development laboratories,


machine shops, computational analysis systems and contracts. The


headquarters, in Medford, New York, has the machine shop that can

do full service engineering and physics analysis and design, in


to component fabrication.

Princeton Teaching Associates Software Inc., Ewing

08628. Timothy R. Cottrell, president. 609-883-2266.

The educational software and media producer moved from office space

on main street in Kingston in January, apparently to a location in

Ewing. The telephone connects to a full voice mail box and the website

is "temporarily unavailable."

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Management Moves

MIIX Healthcare Group Inc. (MHU), 2 Princess Road,

Lawrenceville 08648. 609-219-1111; fax, 609-219-6727. Home page:

Ken Koreyva has resigned as president and CEO of the medical insurance

company. In February, 2000, he had replaced Daniel Goldberg, who was

arrested for growing two dozen marijuana plants at his house in Lower

Makefield, Pennsylvania. He pleaded guilty and received one year of

non-reporting probation.

The company showed a profit of $20.8 million in 1999 but lost $36.5

million in 2000.

SERV Centers of New Jersey Inc., 380 Scotch Road,

Trenton 08618. Gary Van Nostrand, president and CEO. 609-406-0100;

fax, 609-406-0307.

Gary Van Nostrand succeeds Charles Main as president and CEO of the

SERV Behavioral Health System family of companies, a statewide private

not-for-profit offering residential and outpatient mental health and

addiction services. Van Nostrand had been the executive vice president

and previously held a senior position at the Medical Center of


An alumnus of Tulane University, he did graduate studies at the


of Florida and a residency at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Among the organizations at this 27-year-old agency are the Center

for Innovative Family Achievements, SERV Centers of New Jersey, and

Diversified Family and Children’s Services.

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Barbara Lynn Tilger, 53, on April 9. She worked in the

office of attorney Thomas M. Russo III in Pennington.

Eleanor M. Weisgerber on April 10. She had been a


at Princeton University Press.

Sally R. Mayer, 64, on April 10. She was a partner at

Personnel Survey and Research Group at Research Park.

Mary S. Tang, 48, on April 11. She was a children’s wear

fabrics merchandising expert.

Janet Hill Harvey, 56, on April 12. She worked in the

dental offices of Drs. Russo and Coyle.

Jack C. Faust, 71, on April 13. He was Princeton


first director of occupational health and safety.

Carmen J. Armenti, 72, on April 14. He had been


of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and was a former mayor

of Trenton.

Diane E. Dixon, 66, on April 15. She was managing director

of the Theater Guild of New Jersey and had been assistant editor of

the Trentonian newspaper.

Mary Mack Hulit on April 15. She taught in the Princeton

schools and was married to the late Ralph D. Hulit. A memorial service

will be Sunday, May 20, at 1 p.m. at Nassau Presbyterian Church.

Mary Lou Demski, 61, on April 18. She co-founded


Piano Co. on North Olden Avenue.

Joseph R. Burns, 63, on April 18. An electrical engineer

with a degree from Princeton University (where he also was captain

of the basketball team) and a Ph.D. from Rutgers, he co-founded Ocean

Power Technology in Hopewell.

Jerry Offredo, 61, on April 20. He retired in 1993 after

26 years with the Princeton Township Police Department.

James J. Hughes Jr., 73, on April 23. He was executive

director of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and


had been a senior executive with several Wall Street firms. A memorial

service will be Thursday, April 26, at 6:30 p.m. at Stuart Country

Day School.

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