#b#Crosstown Moves#/b#

Chemical Resources Inc., 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 100, Princeton 08540; 609-688-1250; fax, 609-688-1251. Paul Keimig, president. www.chemres.com.

Chemical Resources Inc., a global supplier of commodity and engineering resins, has moved its corporate headquarters from 20 Nassau Street to 103 Carnegie Center. Founded in 1994, the company has production facilities in Chesapeake VA, Jacksonville FL, and Guangdong, China. Its major markets are medical devices, wire and cable, consumer products, and packaging.

Chemical Resources is comprised of three divisions: polymer materials and compounding; recycling; and private label packaging. The company also provide solutions for supply chain management. “Our network of locations can source and deliver resins, compounds, and additives globally,” says the company website.

Medipix Productions, 3 Independence Way, Suite 117, Princeton 08540; 609-951-9200. Larry Testa, president/executive producer.

Medipix Productions has moved from 2 Research Way to 3 Independence Way.

Founded in 1994, Medipix provides video production services for the medical field, capturing symposia and medical education classes throughout the country for the Internet and on CD-ROM.

Eckley Logistics Systems Inc., 92 North Main Street, Windsor Industrial Park, Suite 15-D, Windsor 08561; 609-443-2800; fax, 609-443-5400. Keith Eckley, president. www.eckleylogistics.com.

Eckley Logistics has moved from Building 18A to Building 15D on North Main Street in Windsor Industrial Park. The company offers logistics, critical parts delivery, and barcoding and inventory control services.

BAMnet Corporation, 2673a Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road, Hamilton 08690; 609-631-8356; fax, 609-631-8457. David L. Sobin, CEO. www.bamnet.com.

BAMnet Corporation has moved from 2673 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road to 2561 Yardville-Hamilton Square Road. Both locations are in Hamilton Township.

The company, founded in 1994, provides internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity with a per-minute fee, using a toll-free number accessible in continental United States and Canada. It also provides wireless broadband for residential and commercial customers.

Freeman Law Offices, 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 102, Princeton 08540; 609-454-5609; fax, 609-228-6909. Hillary D. Freeman. www.freemanlawoffices.com.

Attorney Hillary Freeman has moved her law office from 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, to 5 Vaughan Drive, Suite 102.

The firm, which also has offices in Freehold and Haddonfield, offers representation to special needs individuals for issues including advocating for special education and related services, higher education, adult services, guardianship, wills, and special needs trusts.

Glenn A. Bergenfield PC, Attorney at Law, 201 South Main Street, Building B, Lambertvillle 08530; 609-951-0088; fax, 609-951-9111. www.legalmalpractice-nj.com.

Attorney Glenn Bergenfield moved his practice from 212 Carnegie Center to 201 South Main Street in Lambertville.

Bergenfield practices litigation law focusing on legal malpractice cases. “Most of what I do now is sue lawyers,” says Bergenfield. “Life is not a straight line and I didn’t grow up thinking that I would end up with a busy legal malpractice law firm, but I like what I do, very much. Lawyers, just like everyone else have to stand behind their work and be held accountable.”

#b#New in Town#/b#

Geistlich Pharma North America , 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 103, Princeton 08540; 855-799-5500; fax. David Swanson, general manager. www.geistlich-na.com.

Geistlich Pharma North America has opened its headquarters in 202 Carnegie Center. The company is the newly-established affiliate of Geistlich Pharma AG, Switzerland, formed to service the United States and Canada.

Geistlich Pharma AG is made up of three business units: Geistlich Biomaterials (dental), Geistlich Surgery (orthopaedics), and Geistlich Medical (pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and hydrogels).

Geistlich Pharma North America provides oral regenerative devices made by Geistlich Biomaterials. The company has 10 employees in the Princeton office and 25 nationwide, according to Katelyn Fecak, office manager.

The companies’ products include: Bio-Oss, a natural bone substitute material derived from the mineral portion of bovine bone; Bio-Gide, used for hard tissue regeneration and the healing of oral wounds; and Bio-Oss Collagen, which is made from Bio-Oss bone granules and highly-purified porcine collagen, and used for bone augmentation and periodontal indications.

iPivot Solutions, 397 Ridge Road, Suite 3, Dayton 08810; 856-720-0590; fax, 856-583-0522. Satya Katakam, vice president. www.ipivotinc.com.

iPivot Solutions, an IT services provider, has moved into an office at 397 Ridge Road in Dayton. The company provides software development, IT consulting, and IT enabled services.

“The iPivot team works with your project managers to monitor costs, define deliverables, and create effective schedules, work assignments and objectives throughout the life of the project,” says the company’s website.

Howden Insurance Services, 902 Carnegie Center, Suite 340, Princeton 08540; 609-917-3151; fax. Richard J. Friedl, president.

Howden Insurance Services recently opened an office in 902 Carnegie Center. The company, based in Singapore, is a provider of business insurance.


Roma Bank (ROMA), 2300 Route 33, Robbinsville 08691; 609-223-8200; fax, 609-223-8303. Peter Inverso, president. www.romabank.com.

Roma Bank has announced the layoffs of 57 employees, scheduled to occur when it completes its merger with Investors Bank.

Peter Inverso, bank president and CEO, said that 60-day layoff notices had been given to the employees at the beginning of April. The staffing cuts will affect back-office operations, secretaries, and corporate officers.

The merger with Investors Bank, based in Short Hills, may be finalized as early as next month, according to officials. Under the deal, announced in December, Investors acquired Roma Financial Corp., the Robbinsville-based holding company for Roma and RomAsia banks, for some $452 million.

The layoffs come on the heels of an announcement last month that Roma Financial suffered a 90 percent decrease in net income last year — from $7 million in 2011 to $600,000 in 2012.


Princeton Public Affairs Group, 160 West State Street, Trenton 08608-1102; 609-396-8838; fax, 609-989-7491. Dale J. Florio, president. www.ppag.com.

Princeton Public Affairs Group (PPAG), the country’s largest state lobbying firm, has created a new communications group called Princeton Strategic Communications.

The group, which will operate out of PPAG’s Trenton office, is currently working with a number of PPAG clients including the New Jersey Restaurant Association, NiSource, and PublicSchoolOptions.Org. Managing Partner Norris Clark will lead the Princeton Strategic Communications team.

“Our clients want a seamless integration of public affairs and public relations. So we’re building an in-house team that provides the full suite of media communications, including branding and design, earned or controlled media, interactive and social media, as well as events,” said Dale Florio, PPAG founder and president.

#b#Leaving Town#/b#

Shiv Universal, 12 Roszel Road, Suite B 204; 609-452-1393.

Shiv Universal, a jewelry import company, has vacated its office at 12 Roszel Road. The phone number has been disconnected and no additional information is available on the company.

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