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On the Move

On Friday, July 13 — flaunting superstition —

the area’s Federal Express depot will move from Sloan Avenue to 70,000

square feet at 20 Thomas J. Rhodes Industrial Drive — a space

that is nearly three times bigger. "We had the opportunity to

get a bigger location that gives us more flexibility and the ability

to expand if we need to," says a spokesperson.

With 170 employees, this depot covers seven counties, from Stockton

to Maguire, from the shore to the Pennsylvania border, yet Fed Ex

has a dozen other locations in New Jersey. Friday is a transition

day, and the first full day of operation will be Saturday, July 14.

For those who count on driving their packages directly to the Fed

Ex depot to squeeze the last few minutes out of the work day, here

are the directions to Thomas H. Rhodes Industrial Drive: From Route

1 South, Quakerbridge Road and turn right on Quakerbridge Plaza Drive,

then right on Thomas Rhodes Industrial Drive. Or from I-295 take the

Sloan Avenue exit east and turn left on Quakerbridge Road. Take the

next left on Quakerbridge Plaza and right on Thomas Rhodes Industrial


Federal Express, 20 Thomas J. Rhodes Industrial

Drive, Mercerville 08619. 800-238-5355; fax, 800-548-3020.

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Franks’ New Job

HealthCare Institute of New Jersey, 391 George

Street, New Brunswick 08901. Bob Franks, president. 732-227-2000;

fax, 732-342-8449.

Bob Franks, former New Jersey Congressman and former Republican


for the governor of New Jersey, replaces William H. Tremayne, who

is retiring as president of the association of pharmaceutical and

medical technology companies.

"With his significant political experience," says Raymond

V. Gilmartin, CEO of Merck and chairman of the institute, "Bob

is an expert at elevating public understanding of complex issues.

Considering the major impact that our industry has on the state, it

is critical that New Jerseyans have a solid understanding of what

we do."

The 20-company organization aims to raise visibility of research-based

pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Franks went to DePauw University and has a law degree from Southern

Methodist University. In January he completed four consecutive terms

as Congressman for the state’s Seventh District, which includes parts

of Somerset and Middlesex counties.

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PGA Marketing By David Nathans

In July David Nathans changed addresses within the 195

Nassau Court complex. He bills his firm as a sales and marketing


firm specializing in financial services and start-ups, but he has

an interesting connection to the PGA Tour.

As part of the advertising and marketing services side of his


Nathans has, as a major client, the Enterprise Group of Funds, a


mutual fund company. He manages its trade and consumer advertising

as well as such promotional programs as an exhibit in a tent on the

PGA Tour known as the Bloomberg Expo Village. Enterprise is the only

mutual fund represented in the Bloomberg Expo Village tent.

At five PGA tournament sites his client also awards scholarships —

a total of 10 $2,500 scholarships. Applications come in from high

school seniors who live within a 100-mile radius of the event and

are connected in some way with golf — either they play golf or

work at a golf course or retail store. A Trenton-based golf


Dennis Milnee, and his wife, Bobbie, read all the applications and

grade and score them for the first cut. Todd Lincoln, founder of the

Family Golf Association and marketing director of Glenmede Trust


of New Jersey on Chambers Street, is on the three-person final


committee. Lincoln had helped Nathans develop the scholarship program.

"This is the first year for both of these experiences, and


both will continue and expand," says Nathans. The second part

of his business is working with start-up companies on planning and

marketing. He helped write the business plan for the highly successful

Princeton Learning Systems (founded by William Healy and Stephen


He brought in an angel investor who earned a triple digit return in

less than a year when PLS was sold to Yipinet. Nathans says that he

limits his money placements — connecting investors with companies

— to three or four per year.

David Nathans grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, where his father

was a physician and nursing home administrator. He went to Hamilton

College, Class of 1972, and earned an MBA from Wharton. He served

as assistant director of the Art Museum of Princeton University in

1980 and ’81 and did stints at Ogilvy Mather in Manhattan and a small

advertising agency in Springfield.

Nathans moved back to Princeton to be with his future wife, Katherine,

and they now have a nine-year-old son and four-year-old daughter.

He helped her open a Palmer Square retail store, Biarritz, before

joining Merrill Lynch to run advertising and marketing services. From

1994 to 1997 he was at Princeton Capital Management on Terhune Street,

and then he founded his firm and named it — not for the city in

Australia, but for his late father. Says Nathans: "He would have

loved to see me in business on my own."

The Sydney Company, 195 Nassau Street, Suite 7,

Princeton 08542. David Nathans, principal. 609-924-2756; fax,


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No. 2 Tiger

A few years ago the appointment of a woman as Princeton

University’s provost, the number two position at the Ivy League


would have been big news. Now it’s less remarkable. Princeton’s new

president, Shirley Tilghman, has given the provost’s job to Amy


making her the university’s second-ranking officer. Guttman was the

founding director of the University Center for Human Values and has

been teaching politics at Princeton since 1976.

An alumna of Radcliffe College (now Harvard), Guttman has a master’s

degree from the London School of Economics and a PhD from Harvard.

Her husband, Michael W. Doyle, teaches politics and international

affairs at Princeton. He is on sabbatical to serve as assistant


and special advisor to the secretary-general at the United Nations.

Princeton University, 1 Nassau Hall, Princeton

08544. Shirley Tilghman, president. 609-258-3000; fax,


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New Life for Internet Yellow Pages?

When the Internet was new and anyone would believe


local business to business websites were hot. Now they are a tough

sell. Now it’s easier to find good B to B contacts in the telephone

book than on a website. But Swapan Nandy of RGB Computers at 20 Nassau

thinks he has the answer.

Nandy is counting on the fact that there are 9,000 businesses in


County and that they will want to do business with each other by using

his website ( Businesses that are three years old

or more (and therefore reputable) can pay $85 to be listed on his


"Nobody is doing this business model because it is not an easy

concept," says Nandy. "People were trying to make easy money,

but no one analyzed what the small businesses would pay." His

business plan calls for signing up 1,000 businesses in the first year,

and he says he has signed up 40 so far. "This is not the bread

and butter of my business, just an avenue to come up with a unique

concept, finding new ways of using the Internet."

Though he claims his is the first local website for Mercer County,

several up-and-running websites for the Princeton area (as opposed

to specifically Mercer County) feature Mercer County businesses


And Nandy is happy to take Plainsboro businesses. In other words,

he’s really going for "Princeton area" as well.

After study at the London College of Printing and graduation from

the Institute of Printing Technology in Calcutta, Nandy went into

high-end graphics separation. He turned down a chance to work for

the New York Times in its 1996 transition from black and white to

color because the location was so far away and required shift work.

Instead, he started his own computer company, doing systems


hardware and software support, custom database and web page design

and testing, and Internet and online store creation services.

A deterrent to B to B success in 1995 and 1996, when everyone was

rushing to make money by listing businesses on websites, was the

lack of a useful search engine that could work inside the web pages.

Nandy says that Microsoft ASP active server pages, using Access as

a database, solves that problem. "This time of the Internet is

like the ’40s in the auto industry. This is the right era we are


RGB Computers Inc., 20 Nassau Street, Suite 413,

Princeton 0854. Swapan Nandy, owner. 609-683-5510; fax, 609-683-3720.

Home page:

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Assist America, 1 Palmer Square, Suite 315,


08542. George Howard, president. 609-921-0868; fax, 609-921-0933.

In June Assist America opened an additional office in 2,500 square

feet at Lawrence Commons. Barry Blackwell of Commercial Property


represented both the tenant and the landlord, Manhattan-based Regent

Management. The company coordinates medical benefits for group


companies and will retain its Palmer Square office.

Taylor, Wiseman & Taylor, 2007 Eastpark Boulevard,

Cranbury 08512. Gary Vecchio, regional manager. 609-655-9525; fax,


The Mt. Laurel-based civil engineering and surveying firm moved in

May from 3,100 square feet at 2088 Route 130 to 3,500 feet at Eastpark

8A. Phone and fax are new. Bill Barish of Commercial Property Network

represented the tenant, and Bob Acosta represented the landlord,


Properties. Among the firm’s current clients is Renaissance, a


development in North Brunswick.

Tracer Research, 1583 Livingston Avenue, North

Brunswick 08902. Marjorie Stivers, manager. 732-220-8757; fax,


The environmental engineering firm made its move from Princeton


Plaza to 5,000 square feet in North Brunswick (U.S. 1, June 13). Phone

and fax are new, but the toll free number remains the same


It specializes in soil gas surveys and patented precision leak


for above ground, underground tanks and pipelines.

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Crosstown Moves

Federal Mortgage Company (FMC), 258 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540. Ehab Abousabe, president. 609-924-8866; fax,


Home page:

The mortgage company changed from a Skillman to a Princeton address

with a move from the Village Shopper retail center on Route 206 to

Research Park.

Deloitte & Touche LLP, 117 Campus Drive, University

Square, Princeton 08540. Andrew Moss, managing partner. 609-520-2300;

fax, 609-520-2413.

The office of the accounting and software firm has closed on Village

Boulevard in Forrestal Village and those personnel have been moved

to Campus Drive. Word is that the firm expects to move again, to an

as-yet-not-named office in Princeton within the year. The management

consulting firm, named Deloitte Consulting, retains its office on

State Street in Trenton and is based in Parsippany.

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Name Changes

FRx (, 666 Plainsboro Road,

Suite 1236, Plainsboro 08536. Kenneth Kay, president. 609-275-9416;

fax, 609-275-6512. Home page:

When was sold to FRx (a Denver-based subsidiary of Great

Plains Software), it was told it could keep its name. But now the

FRx sign has gone up at Princeton Meadows Office Center. It seems

that another firm had dibs on a too-similar name, and the Microsoft

lawyers were worried about the confusion.

Microsoft? Yes, Kenneth Kay’s 19-person company is now officially

part of the Microsoft family. Microsoft bought Great Plains Software

on April 5. Kenneth Kay sold his company (known in the early days

as the Helmsman Group) just under $8 million in what is now Microsoft


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Gerald L. Geison , 58, on July 2. He was a professor in

Princeton University’s history department and the Program in History

of Science.

Robert C. Marince , 76, on July 4. He had been director

of music education in with Lawrence schools.

Charles Neider , 86, on July 4. A noted Mark Twain scholar,

he also wrote critically acclaimed books documenting three trips he

made to Antarctica.

Judith Trachtenberg , 52, on July 6. She was an attorney

with the Center for Non-Profit Corporations.

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