The Trenton Business and Technology Center closed in January. It had been located at 36 South Broad Street and had been headed by Paula Fett. After it closed its doors, its tenants dispersed, some of them to stand-alone offices.

Bajchem Services, a supplier of raw materials for health and beauty products, has moved to 23 Hickory Way in Trenton.

The company is headed by Marie Renee Thadal, a cosmetics scientist with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Rutgers and a master’s degree in cosmetics science from Farleigh Dickinson University. Before founding Bajchem, Thadal had worked as an account manager for large manufacturers of personal care products. She chairs the fellowship and house committees of the New York chapter of the Society of Cosmetics Chemists.

Bajchem Services LLC, 23 Hickory Way, Suite 2, Trenton 08691; 609-259-2921; fax, 609-208-2071. Marie-Renee Thadal, founder. Home

Pioneer Environmental Group, a firm specializing in soil and groundwater cleanup, has moved to 2917 East State Street Extension in Mercerville. The three-year-old firm is headed by geologist Steve Jones.

Operating in New Jersey and in southeastern Pennsylvania, Pioneer has specialties in soil, rock, and groundwater contamination investigations, remediation consulting and management, property transfer evaluations, day care environmental assessments, well water testing, and lawsuit and attorney assistance.

Pioneer Environmental Group LLC, 2917 East State Street Extension, Mercerville 08619; 609-915-4122; fax, 609-586-4211. Steve Jones, geologist. Home page:

Sarva Bio Remed, a firm specializing in the remediation of hazardous vapors, has moved to 11 North Willow Street in Trenton.

The company develops and manufactures bioremediation products to clean up all sorts of biohazards, including oil spills in water and oil leaks on land. It also has products to treat toxic oil fumes and oily bilge water in ships.

Sarva Bio Remed LLC, 11 North Willow Street, Trenton 08608; 609-695-4922; fax, 419-710-5831. Satya Ganti, president. Home page:

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