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These articles by Barbara Fox were prepared for the November 17,

2004 issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

On the Move

Victor Murray had his own tenant representation firm, The Victor

Company, for 14 years, and he closed it in 2001 to join the Aegis

Group, saying then that he likes to make a change in direction every

three to five years. Now he has joined CRESA Partners to focus once

more on representing tenants.

A 1976 graduate of Penn State, he moved from Pittsburgh to Princeton

to represent the Enerplex buildings, two Prudential properties on

Research Way that were hard to rent at that time because they used

alternative energy sources. Then he opened his own tenant

representation company and had such clients as GE Astro Space,

Covance, Pharmanet, Quintiles, Hoechst Pharmaceuticals, and North

American Electric Reliability Council. His largest single lease was

400,000 feet for ETS at the Carnegie Center.

His new affiliation, pronounced "cressa," is 11 years old and is

co-headquartered in New York City and Boston. Providing service in 35

countries and more than 125 cities, it has 46 North American offices,

nearly 600 employees, and is one of the largest pure tenant

representation and corporate services firms in the United States. Last

year its assignments totaled 35 million square feet.

"I had been approached by various organizations that offer the mixed

message of brokering on both sides of a transaction," says Murray,

"but the CRESA Partners organization is the only professional firm

that I feel garnered the respect and repeat business that is the true

hallmark of true tenant representation. With the ever-increasing

recognition by many clients that there is significant value in

exclusive tenant representation, joining forces with CRESA Partners

will allow me to better service the growing need in the Princeton

market and beyond."

CRESA Partners, 501 Forrestal Road, Princeton Forrestal

Campus, Suite 208-D, Princeton 08540. Victor B. Murray, senior

director. 609-452-8200; fax, 609-452-8388. Home


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Dragonfly Interactive, 2633 Main Street, Suite 202,

Lawrenceville 08648. Rich Angermiller. 609-896-5960. Home page:


Rich Angermiller has moved his website design company, Dragonfly

Interactive, from 164 Nassau Street to Lawrenceville’s Main Street and

has new phone numbers.

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Anurad Coaching, 3215 Ravens Crest, Plainsboro 08536.

Allen Reminick. 609-716-4761; fax, 609-716-4760. Home page:


Allen Reminick, an executive coach for 15 years, has co-developed an

assessment tool to help people map out the next phase in their career

or their life. He offers strategic planning with a proprietary

assessment tool to achieve success in career development, life skills,

and leadership.

"We are successful in helping people get on course with their goals,

and we also have techniques for dealing with stress," says a press

release. Anurad is Sanskrit for "star of success."

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Contracts Awarded

Princeton Power Systems Inc., 501 Forrestal Road,

Forrestal Campus, Suite 211, Princeton 08540. Darren Hammell, CEO.

609-258-5994; fax, 609-258-7329. Home page: www.princetonpower.com

Princeton Power Systems has landed a $250,000 grant from the New

Jersey Economic Development Authority’s Springboard II Fund to adapt

its existing prototype into a production prototype for industrial and

commercial use. PPS is developing electric power conversion technology

for variable speed motor control, power quality, renewable and

distributed generation applications. Its product is an AC-link Clean

Power Variable Speed Drive (VSD).

The grant will help pay for parts, testing equipment, tools, and work

hours needed to reduce the physical size of the prototype by 30

percent, decrease manufacturing costs by an equal percentage, develop

industrial communications capabilities, and add advanced control

features. PPS will chip in $295,000 to help build two production

prototypes and perform three months of field testing in the second

quarter of 2005.

"The AC-link Clean Power VSD has broad applicability for industrial

automation and energy savings," says Darren Hammell, CEO of Princeton

Power Systems in a press release. "The EDA grant will allow us to make

the VSD widely available for applications that demand high reliability

motor control and clean power, in industries such as water/wastewater,

commercial HVAC, textile, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical."

E-Speech, 448 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton 08540. Marian

Macchi, co-founder. 609-683-4340; fax, 609-683-4360. Home page:


E-Speech has received a 2004 National Science Foundation SBIR grant to

develop software to teach reading. The software will be based on its

proprietary letter-to-phoneme rules.

Co-founded by Marian Macchi and Dan Kahn, architects and developers of

Bellcore’s Orator speech synthesizer, the company has released the

second version of its name pronunciation software, billed as the most

accurate name pronunciation software available. Focusing on business

and geographical terms, it is appropriate for speech recognition and

text-to-speech, and it supports popular phonetic alphabets. It also

has launched a Latin-American Spanish synthesis system that speaks

people’s names with high sound quality.

"I am really thrilled that we received this grant; it’s an SBIR (small

business innovation research) grant, and I understand that something

like only one out of about 11 proposals actually get funding," says


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Management Moves

Genmab Inc. (GEN), 457 North Harrison Street, Princeton

08540. Lisa Drakeman, CEO. 609-430-2481; fax, 609-430-2482.


Matthew Dean is the new vice president of sales and marketing at

Genmab, which is headquartered in Copenhagen but has its United STates

office on North Harrison Street. In his 19 years in the drug industry,

Dean has worked at Ventiv Health, Wyeth, Ciba-Geigy and Knoll


New Jersey Future, 137 West Hanover Street, Trenton

08618. Barbara Lawrence, executive director. 609-393-0008.

In December George S. Hawkins will replace Barbara Lawrence as

executive director of New Jersey Future, a nonprofit civic

organization that advocates sustainable economy, environment, and

society in New Jersey. Lawrence is moving, after 12 years, to work for

the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation in Teaneck.

Hawkins has been executive director of the Stony Brook-Millstone

Watershed Association for seven years, and has built it into the

largest watershed organization in the nation.

A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, he has also

worked for the Environmental Protection Agency in Boston and

Washington and as an attorney in private practice. He and his wife and

their two children live on their sheep and chicken farm in Lawrence


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Name Changes

Accelera Corporation, 3131 Princeton Pike, Building 2 B,

Suite 200, Lawrenceville 08648. Ian Kelly, principal. 609-896-8404;

fax, 609-912-0607. Home page: www.accelera.com

Kenexa’s name changed to Accelera when Accelera Corporation bought

Kenexa’s Learning Solutions Group earlier this year. Earlier, when

this company was located at Research Park, it was known as Raymond

Karsan Associates.

The Learning Solutions Group, a learning company for the life sciences

industry, does patient education, pharmaceutical sales training, and

continuing medical education, and it has 35 people at this location.

Accelera is a licensee of Johns Hopkins University.

ation, pharmaceutical sales training, and

continuing medical education, and it has 35 people at this location.

Accelera is a licensee of Johns Hopkins University.

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