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These articles by Barbara Fox were prepared for the March 3, 2004

issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

On the Move

For nearly 25 years Thomas Judge has been preparing tax returns for

small businesses. And right in the middle of the tax season, in late

February when his lease ran out, he moved from 168 Franklin Corner

Road to 9 Princess Road.

That doesn’t faze Judge, who is also in the middle of a transition

from a parent company that is based in California to one that is based

in France – two business cultures that don’t automatically mesh well.

The new owner, Fiducial, is a privately held firm, headquartered in

France with 6,500 employees worldwide serving 185,000 clients. From

its Park Avenue North American headquarters it administers just under

600 franchises in the United States and Canada, plus 25 company-owned

stores and a processing center in Columbia, Maryland. There are 10

similar franchisees under various names within 50 miles of Princeton,

and Fiducial is still buying.

Soon after Judge opened his business in 1980, he took out a franchise

with an Illinois-based accountant who had invented an efficient system

that allows his company to handle a large number of clients with not

as many staffers. A press release lauds the current "complete package

of services – from advanced systems, products, procedures, web-based

applications and processing centers – to the depth of management

experience and collective knowledge of the network," but just how this

is accomplished is a trade secret.

Judge’s first franchiser went through various changes and eventually

turned into Century Small Business Solutions. When Fiducial began its

"roll-up" of U.S. accounting firms in 1999, it bought Century Small

Business Solutions from C-Biz the following year. Now Fiducial is the

13th largest accounting firm in the world and the ninth largest in the

United States.

Overall, says Judge, he has no problems with the franchise and relies

on the systems it provides. But there have been some problems in the

transition, partly because the concept of independent franchise owners

was new to the French management. "I head up a recently formed

franchisee/franchiser relations committee, and we are trying to smooth

the ruffled feathers," says Judge. An ombudsman has been appointed,

who has earned the trust of both the French management and the

American owners.

"Now we think we have blended the four entities and are going to

promote the Fiducial name," says Judge, noting that the legacy firms,

such as his, are allowed to keep their trade names. The Fiducial name

will be bold, in black, and the individual company names (such as

Century Small Business Solutions) will be underneath in light gray. A

television ad campaign begins soon.

Judge, 53, is the son of a sales manager for the Singer sewing machine

company. He was born in Toronto and moved to New Jersey when he was in

high school and went to Rutgers College, attending night classes. He

and his wife, Effie, have a son and daughter, both grown. Effie works

with him in the business, as does his sister (Sheree Newell) and one

of his brothers, who runs two affiliated offices in Florida. His

attorney is Don Veix at Mason Griffin Pearson, and Tom Romano at

Buschman Partners helped him find the new space.

"Our client base covers all aspects, but we do specialize in small

businesses with less than $1 million in sales. We love going after the

payroll services because they are impersonal, rigid in their time

frames, and problems are hard to resolve," says Judge. "Our bread and

butter is monthly financial statements, and we also do payroll, ‘live’

or ‘after the fact,’ business plans, budgets, and web-based accounts

payable." He is not a certified public accountant, so he does not do

audits, but he is moving into the financial planning area and

affiliated with a Dallas-based firm for that. "And of course," says

Judge, "we do taxes."

Fiducial: Century Small Business Solutions, 9 Princess

Road, Suite K, Lawrenceville 08648. Thomas H. Judge, president.

609-620-0011; fax, 609-620-0277. Home page: www.tejindustriesinc.com

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Concord Advisory Group Ltd., 700 Alexander Park, Suite

203, Princeton 08540. Christopher E. Cahill, chief executive officer.

609-987-9000; fax, 609-987-9997. Home page: www.concordadvisory.com

Wall Street scandals bode well for Christopher Cahill and Scott

Santin, who are nearly doubling their staff and moving from 600

Alexander Park to 5,500 square feet at 700 Alexander Park in mid

March. They have added six people for a staff total of 14.

The company helps institutional investors with asset allocation,

development of investment policies, manager selection, and manager

evaluation on an ongoing basis. Their clients are "middle market"

institutions, with from $20 million to just over $1 billion in their

portfolios. "That we work on a retainer basis has driven interest,"

says Santin. "People are looking for independent analysis and


What fund manager they recommend is determined by the size and

complexity of the portfolio. "We maintain a universe of managers and

do ongoing research on managers and funds," says Santin. "We might

recommend a money manager, a bank, or a trust department, depending on

specific needs." Fees are based on portfolio size.

Santin is a graduate of Rider College, Class of 1983, and has a

graduate degree from Rutgers, while Cahill graduated in 1982 from

Washington & Lee. They met at Merrill Lynch, where they provided

similar consulting services until they founded their own firm in 1988.

Concord expects to grow to 20 people and will hire people with

experience in asset management community, plus one recent college

graduate to do portfolio analysis. KSS architects designed the space,

which is being fitted out by Blue Rock Construction on behalf of

property manager Trammell Crow. The furniture is being provided by

Innovative Commercial Interiors. Gerard Fennelly of NAI Fennelly

represented the tenants and Karen Iman of Trammell Crow represented

the landlord.

Concord’s competition comes from other regional firms and from

companies like Merrill Lynch. "It all comes down to the independence

issue, especially institutions," says Santin. "At this juncture they

want to be sure the advice is untainted, unaffected by soft dollars

from asset managers. It’s a small niche, and all of our business comes

from referrals."

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Trammell Crow Company (TCC), 700 Alexander Park, Suite

100, Princeton 08540. Karen Iman, vice president. 609-951-0200; fax,

609-951-0180. Home page: www.trammellcrow.com

Trammell Crow has expanded from five to 10 people and is moving from

600 Alexander Park to 4,376 square feet at 700 Alexander Park, partly

for more space and partly to accommodate the building’s major tenant,

Mathematica. Mathematica is taking the 4,800 feet now occupied by the

commercial real estate firm and Concord Advisory Services (see article


Resource Solution Link LLC, Mountain View Plaza, Box

6176, Hillsborough 08544. Michael Kenyon, president. 908-281-6900;

fax, 908-281-6943. Home page: www.RSL95.com

In February the six-person employee and benefits planning firm moved

from 684 Whitehead Road in Lawrenceville to 2,000 square feet in

Hillsborough, and it has new phone and fax numbers. Founded in 1995,

it does corporate and employee planning – benefits, compensation,

insurance, training, HR operations, accounting, information systems,

and employee relations.

Right Management Consultants (MAN), 155 Village

Boulevard, Suite 130, Princeton 08540. Ray DeMaio, regional vice

president, sales. 609-987-0730; fax, 609-987-0583. Home page:


Right Management Consultants expanded from 2 Research Way to Forrestal

Village when it bought the national career transition and executive

development business of Manchester Right Management is based in

Philadelphia Recently Right Management announced it was being acquired

by Manpower Inc. of Glendale. Right Management offers career

transition, talent management, organizational performance, and

leadership development.

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Crosstown Moves

Bradford Investment Partners LP, 92 Nassau Street, Second

Floor, Princeton 08542. Bradford Mills, chairman. 609-921-3880; fax,


In February Bradford Mills moved his 30-year-old investment firm from

44 Nassau to half of 2,400 square feet on the second floor of Hamilton

Jewelers (the Pyne Building). His firm shares the space with Solon

Capital. The Mills Foundation is also located here.

The company’s former president, Cheryl Mills, recently took a job in

Washington for the Bush administration as associate deputy

administrator for entrepreneurial development for the United States

Small Business Administration. Her department provides information,

training, and business counseling through business development

networks, programs at state universities, SCORE volunteers, and the

SBA web site.

In addition to the investment advisory business, Bradford invests

capital in seed, first and second-stage companies and, with family and

client funds, buys mature, mid-size companies.

Akros Learning Group, 116 Village Boulevard, Princeton

08540. Steven Haase, owner. 609-524-4029; fax, 800-878-6708. Home

page: www.akroslearning.com

Trainfans Inc., 16 Princeton Avenue, Hopewell 08525.

Steven Haase, principal. 609-333-1144. Home page: www.trainfans.com

Akros Learning Group moved from Princeton Avenue in Hopewell to

Forrestal Village. The phone is new. The company offers turnkey

enterprise learning and compliance solutions. Simultaneously Haase’s

train video company moved to a home address in Hopewell. Trainfans

produces educational travel videos for children.

Christopher Construction Services, 310 Ward Avenue, Suite

6, Bordentown 08505. Chris Moser, president. 609-291-1500; fax,


The company moved from 335 Yardville-Allentown Road, Hamilton 08620 to

Bordentown. It offers full-service construction – estimating, project

inspection, scheduling, project advisement, management, steel

buildings and general residential and commercial construction

Mercer Commercial Realtors, 510 Route 130, Town Center

Plaza, East Windsor 08520. Tommy Cuilla, owner/business broker.

609-918-1500; fax, 609-918-1166.

Mercer Commercial Realtors moved from Royal Plaza to Town Center Plaza

on Route 130. The telephone is new.

Mitchell Rose, A Communications Consultancy, 2500

Brunswick Pike, Suite 203, Lawrenceville 08648. Roger A. Shapiro,

president. 609-434-0030; fax, 609-434-0031. Home page:


The full-service marketing communications firm moved a seven-person

office from an address at Princeton Shopping Center to 1,000 square

feet in Lawrenceville.

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FrontLine Technologies Inc., 3131 Princeton Pike,

Building 2B, Suite 105, Lawrenceville 08648. Kris Subramaniam,

principal. 609-912-0004; fax, 609-912-0307. Home page:


The software consulting firm moved from 3,000 square feet to 2,000

feet on Princeton Pike. It does project-oriented information IT –

E-business, Internet technology, and client server business systems,

with 35 workers at client sites, also in Bangalore.

HexaWare Technologies Inc., 1095 Cranbury-South River

Road, Suite 10, Jamesburg 08831. Home page: www.hexaware.com

Once at 1095 Cranbury-South River Road, HexaWare has no Princeton area

phone that answers as a business number. At its peak, during the Year

2000 conversions, this global IT consulting firm had 80 employees and

10,000 square feet on Independence Way.

Prodex Sciences LLC, 3490 Route 1, Princeton Service

Center, Suite 15-3, Box 7064, Princeton 08543. Joseph Nichols,

president. 609-275-5975; fax, 609-452-8345. Home page:


After 16 years at Princeton Service Center, Joseph Nichols is closing

his biomedical laboratory. Nichols consults on new surgical implant

materials and medical devices, technology of natural biomaterials,

research and development of composite wound and burn dressings, skin


He hopes to find a buyer for the laboratory and equipment. "Rather

than dismantle the laboratory, I would like to pass it on to another

investigator who may be looking for space for equipment," says


A graduate of City College of New York, Class of 1938, with a PhD from

Minnesota, he worked for Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon and founded

Princeton Biomedix and Helitriex, which was later sold.

Exide Technologies (EXDTQ), 315 Old Brunswick Pike, Suite

230, Lawrenceville 08648. Craig Muhlhauser, president and COO.

609-512-3000; fax, 609-512-3071. Home page: www.exideworld.com

Exide Technologies moved its headquarters from 21,000 feet at 210

Carnegie Center to 11,000 feet at Crossroads Corporate Center. Phone

and fax are new. With 30 employees at this office, the company employs

16,000 overall.

With operations in 89 countries and net sales last year of

approximately $2.4 billion, the firm is being reorganized under

Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Exide Technologies is one of the worlds largest

producers and recyclers of lead-acid batteries. It has two major

groups, industrial energy and transportation.

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Name Changes

New Jersey American Water Company, 989 Lenox Drive, Suite

224, Lawrenceville 08648. Andrew Chapman, president. 609-512-9400;

fax, 609-512-3680. Home page: www.americanwater.com

Elizabethtown Water Company has a new name, the result of a merger

with another firm. The merged firms are owned by RWE AG, a

100-year-old German company with core businesses in electricity, gas,

water and wastewater, waste disposal, and recycling.

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Leaving Town

Brill Public Affairs, 7 Williams Lane, Yardley 19067.

Frank J. Brill, president. 215-295-9339. Home page:


Frank Brill closed his public affairs office in West State Street in

Trenton and moved to Yardley.

DPRA Inc., 1300 North 17th Street, Suite 950, Rosslyn

22209. Richard E. Seltzer, president and CEO. 703-841-8068; fax,

703-524-9415. Home page: www.dpra.com

DPRA moved its Research Park office to Virginia. Founded in 1961 and

based in Manhattan, Kansas, it does environmental health and safety


Frequency Marketing Inc., 6101 Meijier Drive, Milford

45150. 513-248-2882; fax, 513-248-2672. Home page:


The loyalty marketing firm relocated the Princeton office last fall to

its headquarters in Ohio.

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