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Creatv Microtech, 11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 102-F, Monmouth Junction 08852; Daniel Adams, product development/researcher. www.creatvmicrotech.com.

Creatv Microtech, a biotech firm based in Rockville, Maryland, has opened a small lab on Deer Park Drive that is staffed by a scientist who recently discovered a new kind of cancer cell.

Company founder Cha-Mei Tang says the company set up the lab for Daniel Adams, who was the first author of a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The paper describes a new kind of cancer cell, the “circulating giant macrophage,” that could potentially be used as a new way to detect cancer.

The paper had many collaborators, including Fox Chase Cancer Center and Thomas Jefferson University. Researchers used Creatv’s specialized filters, which have precision pore sizes, as a way of collecting cells without damaging them, enabling accurate analysis of the cells they found.

The researchers studied the blood of patients who had breast, pancreatic, or prostate cancer, and discovered many of them had these cells in their bloodstreams. They speculated that the presence of circulating giant macrophages could be used as a kind of “liquid biopsy” to detect the presence of cancer and track its spread throughout the body. The paper’s authors also suggested these cells might play a role in the spread of cancer.

Creatv opened the Deer Park Drive lab after Adams’ wife took a job as a professor at Rutgers, necessitating that he move to New Jersey. Rather than give up a star employee, Creatv decided to build a lab for him. Tang says the company, founded in 2000, hopes to expand its Princeton office.

CDI Global, 353 Nassau Street, Princeton 08540; 609-430-3078; Jaap Ketting, Partner. www.cdiglobal.com.

CDI Global, a mergers and acquisitions advisor, has opened an office on Nassau Street.

The company specializes in cross-border transactions and helps companies with acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures. The new office is led by Jaap Ketting, Jon Plimpton, and John Morton. Ketting previously held senior positions at Church & Dwight and Allied Signal. Plimpton led international business development at Church & Dwight. Morton has worked for companies in the chemical and related industries.


Cornerstone Appraisals & Restorations LLC , 29 Emmons Drive, Suite G-50, Princeton 08540; 609-520-8877; fax, 609-520-9633. Peter Kiesewetter, owner. www.cornerstone-restoration.com.

Cornerstone Appraisals & Restoration, a company that does reconstruction work for insurance companies, has been chosen by the South Fork Homeowners Association in Ewing to rebuild homes that were destroyed and damaged in a gas explosion March 4.

The explosion killed one resident, injured seven utility workers, and damaged 55 condos.


Loving Pets Corp., 110 Melrich Road, Suite 1, Cranbury 08512; 609-655-3700; fax, 609-655-3399. Eric Abbey, founder and CEO. www.lovingpetsproducts.com.

Loving Pets, an importer of pet supplies, has expanded its Melrich Road headquarters and warehouse, and plans to add about 10 employees to deal with growing business.

Cathy Vesey, Customer Service Manager, says the company is doing well and the expansion is currently under construction.


Richard Ullman, 80, on March 11. He came to Princeton University from Harvard in 1965 and retired in 2002 as the David K. E. Bruce Professor of International Affairs Emeritus. At various points he took on roles with the National Security Council, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the New York Times editorial board. A memorial service will be scheduled.

Helen Apostolos, 102, on March 8. She opened the Colony Coffee Shop in the Broad Street Bank building in Trenton and managed it for many years.

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