Ragged Sky Press, based in Princeton, recently released “In Sun’s Shadow,” a collection of poems by Paul Sohar. A Hungarian refugee and writer who arrived in the United States in 1956, the 83-year-old Warren County poet’s book reflects his personal journey and its twists. The following poem was selected for its timeliness: Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21.

Father’s Day Parade

Okay, if I am to play the father again,
and the day’s program is mine,
then let it be adventurous. I used to say,
let’s go swimming in Crater Lake
if weather allow,
but if not,
let it be educational,
lets visit a historic building or a museum,
or a natural wonder,
like I planned for today:
let’s visit Crystal Caves in Hellertown!
I know you’ve been there before
a couple of times with the group,
but you never got past the gift shop,
and now we have a chance to see
the whole place and learn all about its wonders.
Life is a learning process, as we say,
we keep accumulating loaves of wisdom
for old age,
and I’m in it now but without a crumb
for my mind to nibble on,
with you gone without a reason,
and I am still foolish enough to keep on asking why
on my first Father’s Day alone;
an abandoned natural wonder,
overgrown with memories.

For more information on “In Sun’s Shadow,” visit Ragged Sky Press at www.raggedsky.com.

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