My wife is in love, but not with me,

She loves what’s on Sunday … and on TV.

From adoration’s altar I somehow fell,

Now she worships at the church of the NFL.

A fan of the Giants and sometimes the Jets,

And when they are playing she jumps, yells and sweats.

Cries of joy rock the house the days Eli can throw,

But when intercepted, she tells him, “You blow!”

Her moans when the G’ints lose seem never to cease,

And might even bring a knock from police.

And when a turnover doth give the football,

To the Eagles or Patriots or … worst of all,

To the Cowboys, a team that she loves to despise,

Yipi-ki-ya, mother f—-er.! That’s a word to the wise.

So my spouse and my true love is lost to my soul,

Till this mad season ends … with the Super Bowl.

Leefeldt is a U.S. 1 Summer Fiction reader and Hamilton resident. He is the author of The Woman Who Rode the Wind, a novel about a flight around the Eiffel Tower at the turn of the last century, and In Search of the Paper Children, a study of foster care. An investigative journalist who won awards at Bloomberg Magazine, he recently contributed to CBS “60 Minutes” and Institutional Investor magazine. His passion is helping aspiring authors and poets through seminars at the Princeton Barnes & Noble bookstore and presenting their work at local libraries.

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