Nurture Massage Studio in Hopewell was conceived by Gail Samse to create an atmosphere that nurtures both the body and soul. " I wanted to create an atmosphere where clients experience all the luxuries of an upscale massage without the upscale price tag. My focus is on truly being present and not looking at the clock. I enjoy working with people and have always worked with my hands, whether cooking or gardening, both of which bring balance to people’s lives. Massage was a natural extension of that philosophy. Franchise massage factories offer 55-60 minute massages, but that time also includes changing the linens for the next client, so clients really only get 45 minutes. The parasympathetic nervous system takes 20 minutes to kick in during a massage and therefore short massages don’t really allow enough time for total relaxation. In addition, many therapists at these franchises are massaging so many people in a row that they become burned-out and not really "present" for their clients. In contrast I wanted clients to benefit from a very customized experience, so I offer a minimum 75-minute massage because I feel strongly that it is the best way to experience the true body restoration from a massage."

In an increasingly impersonal world where people rely more and more on electronic communication, I am passionate about the need for safe, therapeutic touch to be incorporated in everyone’s life. A typical massage at Nurture Studio starts in a cozy sitting area where clients and I can discuss their muscle and stress concerns. The room accommodates two massage tables for couples massages and is spacious for individual massages. I feel it is important to take time to allow the body to equilibrate after a massage so I encourage clients to relax at a table surrounded by artwork and flowers where I offer complimentary tea and snacks and a special Japanese green tea mask for a soothing bit of luxury that re-hydrates and refreshes the skin. "Since a client will often have their face down in a face cradle for at least 20 minutes I thought the facial skin should get rehydrated and nourished as well. Nurture Massage Studio uses only Sacred Earth botanical massage medium as it is organic, vegan, and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.

Nurture Massage Studio is running a Winter Special of 75 minute Hot Stone or Deep Tissue massages for $50 plus tax. Also look for upcoming discounts on unique Valentine’s Day couple massages with chocolates. I am hoping to bring in other specialists to create unique package combinations such as yoga and facials and cooking and looking forward to also working with clients with physical trauma such as Wounded Warriors. Nurture is located in the heart of Hopewell and can be reached at 609-273-1232 to schedule an appointment.

Nurture Massage Studio, 96 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-273-1232.

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