RCN, a cable company with a corporate office on College Road East and a long history in central New Jersey, has joined with Atlantic Broadband and Grande Communications to add the streaming video service Netflix to their cable packages.

According to a press release, the companies will add a Netflix app to the TiVo video set top boxes they already offer, allowing them to use Netflix, on-demand content, and live television on the same device, without switching remotes. Netflix, which allows users to view movies and TV shows over the Internet, has been locked in competition with cable providers.

“The dynamics of this game-changing relationship are clear: more choices for the viewer via a simple, unified device,” said Jim Holanda, chief executive officer at RCN, in a press release.

RCN, then called C-Tec, moved to Princeton from Pennsylvania in 1994. In its heyday, it employed 525 people in its Carnegie Center headquarters. After the telecom bubble burst in 2000, the staff was downsized. The company declared bankruptcy in 2004. RCN’s Central Jersey cable network serving 118,000 customers was sold to Patriot Media in 2003, and subsequently to Comcast.

RCN now provides cable service in Washington, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, New York, Boston, and Chicago. Its network of about 1,400,000 homes is managed by Patriot Media Consulting, which employs about 60 people and shares corporate headquarters on College Road East with RCN.

RCN Telecom, 650 College Road East, Suite 3300, Princeton 08540; 609-452-8197. Jim Holanda, CEO. www.rcn.com.

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