#b#To the Editor: Holt v. Sipprelle#/b#

At a recent campaign breakfast at his home, Scott Sipprelle disparaged Einstein’s Alley and its leading advocate, Congressman Rush Holt, saying, “They put up 19 road signs but they never did anything about it.” It is evident from this comment that Sipprelle is unaware of the work that goes on as a result of the Einstein Alley Entrepreneurs Collaborative gatherings or any of the other numerous Einstein Alley events.

I had the privilege of meeting Congressman Holt at the Einstein’s Alley Economic Summit that he convened in December, 2003. At this conference, Holt shared his vision for creating an “entrepreneurial ecosystem” built on New Jersey’s long tradition of research and innovation and fueled by the diverse, highly educated, and strong community members who have chosen to live in central New Jersey. Inspired by Holt’s vision, I co-founded the Einstein Alley Entrepreneurs Collaborative, a grassroots network of central Jersey-based entrepreneurs. Congressman Holt, or a Holt representative, has attended the majority of our gatherings to ensure that Holt keeps a finger on the pulse of the central Jersey entrepreneurial community.

At this time I was the founding business manager of Princeton Server Group, a startup that provided affordable digital broadcast solutions for public, educational, and government television stations. Like many other start-ups, my company prospered in Einstein’s Alley. Before being acquired in 2007 by TelVue Corporation (Mount Laurel), we created 15 jobs and helped more than 150 community television stations convert from analog to digital broadcasting.

Currently the Entrepreneur’s Collaborative has more than 150 business leaders, most of whom are creating high-paying jobs within New Jersey. It is unfortunate that Sipprelle is not aware of what is happening in his local business community.

Steven Georges, Co-founder, Einstein Alley Entrepreneurs Collaborative

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Congressman Holt, as a teacher and a scientist, has a consistent record of supporting education as the means to improving our competitive edge, our economy, and our lives and society. In a world where a majority of engineers come from other countries and we as a society have lost focus and have invested more resources to developing financial engineering tools, we need the honest rhetoric and common sense policies that Rush has epitomized.

Felix Rajan

I am surprised that Scott Sipprelle is running for Congress just as the country is recovering from the Bush and Republican agendas. I guess he has a lot of money to burn. Does Scott know that hedge funds/derivatives have sapped our retirement funds and our faith in Wall Street? Does Scott know that most of the deficits have been rung up under the Republicans?

George Luke

#b#U.S. 1 in the Slow Lane#/b#

I appreciated reading two articles in the October 13 U.S. 1.

The first about the 100th birthday celebration of the Princeton Public Library. A great event for a great institution!

The second was a story about my company, Carodan Corporation, which brought me down memory lane. The story reported that the real estate business is very depressed and that I was downsizing and, perhaps, looking to get into other businesses.

That might easily have been a current story but, in fact, was from 1992. I wonder how it made it into the Fast Lane after 18 years.

In the ensuing years, the company has remained active in real estate. I did get involved in other activities, one of which was to help build the new library building which you so justly celebrate.

Harry Levine, Carodan Corporation

Editor’s note: The mixup occurred when a piece of current information was placed next to 18-year-old notes in U.S. 1’s company database. We mistakenly collected the old information when cobbling together the Fast Lane items.We apologize to Mr. Levine and thank him for his work on behalf of the library and for keeping us up-to-date, 18 years after the fact.

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